Now On Indiegogo, “Suiso-no-Chikara,” The Power Of Hydrogen For Health, Beauty

Now seeking community support via Indiegogo, the world’s first patented hydrogen gas suction device.

Takami Sueyoshi, a passionate health and wellness product inventor, has announced an exciting new crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for Suiso-no-Chikara, a revolutionary development in health and beauty. Using the power of hydrogen to unlock unlimited health and beauty benefits for people worldwide, Suiso-no-Chikara accomplishes what few have done before thanks to innovative new research and development.

An aromatherapy device, Suiso-no-Chikara generates up to 50 milliliters of hydrogen per minute and mixes it with premium, high-quality Japanese oils, which are made using sweet orange, comforting labyrinthine sala, sweet magnesium scent, and six kinds of organic oil compounds. A light, thin, and portable device, Suiso-no-Chikara can be used on the go or in a home or office setting, and easily powered by a mobile battery or car cigarette lighter.

Efficiently using hydrogen to remove the causes of “rust” on the body, Suiso-no-Chikara’s impact on hydrogen has good effects on the human body. Studies have shown its effectiveness in easing and preventing aging, reducing cancer risks, relieving inflammation, preventing gene damage, and improving sleep, which not only improves the quality of life but extends life expectancy in the process. On the beauty side, Suiso-no-Chikara has been shown to brighten skin, remove wrinkles, improve acne, and increase metabolism for fast fat burning. 

A revolutionary development in health and beauty, support Suiso-no-Chikara for a limited time on Indiegogo here:–2

Funds raised from this crowdfunding campaign will be used to support Suiso-no-Chikara, including associated production and distribution costs, ahead of a release in December 2020. Starting today, pledge $499 to get a Suiso-no-Chikara machine upon release. Other rewards and bundles are available, but supplies may be limited. Act fast and visit the Indiegogo campaign page today for more information. 


Suiso-no-Chikara is the world’s first patented hydrogen gas suction device. Empowering a new generation with the power of hydrogen for health and beauty, Suiso-no-Chikara will be available worldwide in December 2020.

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