Novel TautulliHost Brings Quality Tautulli Hosting To Plex Users

Novel TautulliHost Brings Quality Tautulli Hosting To Plex Users

September 10, 2020 – Plex users have expressed extreme delight as TautulliHost announces a string of tailored services in collaboration with Everly. These services include real-time monitoring of plex servers, private sessions, Plex server event notification, and library statistics, a function that saves users’ history. Matching Plex with the new Tautulli app will allow users to get a more rounded experience.

The team at TautulliHost hinted that it’s everything that Plex users have ever wanted. The offer of a user-friendly control panel, 1-click plugin install, unlimited bandwidth, optimised performance, privacy, 99% uptime, and friendly customer support to turn to has seen many people opt for TautulliHost rather than self-hosting Tautulli.

In collaboration with Everly, is looking to help users organize all their favorite services into one panel. Until now the Tautulli Hosting industry has been riddled with providers offering it as a secondary service.  Considering that other service providers of Tautulli have lots of downtime and depleted bandwidths, it is refreshing to see many users come forward to say that with TautulliHost, customers actually enjoy the service promised to them, always.

TautulliHost’s real-time Plex monitoring gives users access to details about every stream that is done on their server. The logs and statistics are easy to understand, and there is good support for third-party plugins to enable users to get maximum value for their subscription.

One satisfied customer, Oliver, was happy to say, “Just buy it if you’re on the fence. I like to think I’m tech savvy and tried to self host Tautulli. If only I’d known about Tautulli Host sooner and saved the hassle. Plugins can be added in one click. All for less than a cup of coffee”.

Another customer, Harleigh, praises the quality of service of TautulliHost, “I pay for a good Plex hosting elsewhere. It includes Tautulli, but it’s constantly breaking. Since using TautulliHost my Tautulli hasn’t gone down once, 100% worth it.”

While there are many seedboxes that perform similar functions, according to a cluster of happy customers, offers better quality and service. It seems like a better alternative to seedboxes, which are often overcrowded with users. TautulliHost makes sure that every one of their users gets their promised bandwidth, and nothing less. 

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