Nonprofit organization AFTV5 TV Network seeks donations to cover upcoming elections in Africa

The nonprofit and non partisan video production organization AFTV5 aims to cover up the upcoming elections in Africa for which it invites contributions from the masses. In the next 3 years, there will be over 16 presidential elections and the organization hopes to cover these elections for showing them to the world.

AFTV5’s official website features online video streaming but its nowhere like the commercial broadcast television or other video streaming websites as it works with a social focus. The organization covers news and events which provoke thought, spread a positive word and leave an impact on the community. It works to represent the voice of the African communities and makes them reach out to the larger communities. The organization also displays the African culture and customs for the world to know.

AFTV5 works with a mission to inspire the next generation of Africans to get involved in Africa’s policy development arenas.  It also works towards providing leadership and educational development programs to Africans along with an opportunity to get into public service and public policy careers.

With the help of live streaming videos, the organization helps in creating awareness about a cause or view point which may affect the natives of Africa. The videos provide a platform to the community for expressing their views and stories to the world. These videos are meant to make a positive change in the local community and the world.

AFTV5 aims to identify and represent the unheard voices of the society and provides them a platform to express themselves and reach to the global audience for progressing in the society. To achieve their goal, the organization continuously works to hire and train individuals to work with professional television producers and create impactful videos.

The staff and volunteers travel all over the country to cover the local sports, culture, political, charity and other events. At present, AFTV5 is focusing on covering the elections in Africa and invites the masses to donate for making the project successful.

Media Contact
Company Name: AFTV 5
Contact Person: Executive
Phone: 1512 2152885
Country: United States