Noelo Lighting introduces how to customize hotel lighting

Customizing hotel lights is a very important because it can not only create an atmosphere for the hotel, but also provide a comfortable lighting environment and bring pleasant accommodation experience to guests. The following are some operational procedures for customizing hotel lights:

1. Clarify the needs and goals

Before customizing hotel lights, please clarify your own needs and goals. This includes determining the type, quantity, style, material, power, etc. of lights and lanterns, as well as the desired lighting effect and atmosphere. It is necessary to consider the durability, maintenance cost, energy conservation and environmental protection of lights and lanterns. Lighting designers need to communicate with hotel owners and interior designers on the requirements of hotel lighting design. Especially for large chandeliers, the suggestions of construction engineers are essential. After receiving the hotel project requirements, the lighting engineer will first accurately measure and design the overall layout, style and installation position of the lighting project, and then provide the interior designer with a simple lighting design concept plan, including design description, lighting detail drawings, materials, dimensions and surface treatment.

2. Choose a suitable light supplier

Choosing the right light supplier is a key step in customizing hotel lights. It is recommended to choose a supplier with strength and reputation, who can provide high-quality lights and professional services. You can search through the Internet, trade shows and other ways to find suitable suppliers, such as Google, Alibaba International Station, Made in China and so on. The product quality, price, after-sales service and other aspects of comprehensive evaluation.

3. Communicate needs and budgets with suppliers

Communicating requirements and budgets with suppliers is an important step in customizing hotel lights. Need to explain their needs and objectives to suppliers in detail, and provide relevant drawings and information. It is necessary to discuss reasonable budget and price with suppliers to ensure that the quality and price of lights meet their own requirements.

4. Confirm the design plan and samples

In the design plan and samples provided by suppliers, it is necessary to carefully check whether the styles, sizes, colors and materials of lights meet their own requirements. If there is any dissatisfaction, it is necessary to communicate and adjust with suppliers in time. Please confirm whether the power and lighting effect of lights meet the expected goals.

The complete detailed structure diagram includes:Provide no less than 2D pictures, and large lights provide 3D pictures.

Introduce the appearance, internal structure, distribution and some details of hotel lighting in detail.

The size of any detail is necessary.

Describe the material and surface treatment of its appearance.

Provide a sectional view of the detailed structure.

The pendant light should indicate the specific hanging position; Wall lights should be clearly marked with three-dimensional images and hole positions.

Samples of large lighting materials and small size materials need to be evaluated for signature and confirmation by hotel interior designers. After confirmation, the manufacturer should keep a sample for itself, and the manufacturer should start producing large goods according to the sample standard.

5. Sign contracts and arrange production

After confirming the design plan and samples, it is necessary to sign a formal contract with the supplier and arrange the production. In the contract, it is necessary to clarify the specifications, quantity, price, delivery time and other terms of lights and lanterns, and agree on the details of payment methods and after-sales service. It is necessary to keep close communication with suppliers to ensure that the production schedule and quality meet the requirements. Before delivering lights to the hotel, the manufacturer needs to carry out detailed inspection to ensure that its specifications and models meet the design requirements and national regulations. In addition, a series of quality and safety test must be carried out. After the hotel receives the hotel lights from the manufacturer, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection to ensure that the lights are complete, free of damage or deformation, coating peeling or lightshade tearing.

6. Installation and debugging

The hotel needs to arrange the wiring and embedded parts in advance according to the different uses and installation positions of lighting. For concrete structures, it is necessary to embed and fix them with hooks, bolts, screws and expansion bolts in advance. After the light production is completed, it needs to be installed and debugged. This requires professional technicians to operate to ensure that the installation position and height of lights meet the requirements and the lighting effect achieves the expected goal. It is necessary to debug and maintain lights to ensure their normal work and prolong their service life. Complete technical disclosure provides guarantee for products. Train hotel maintenance personnel on matters needing attention in the use and maintenance of lights and lanterns. For example, when maintaining crystal hotel lights, it is best to wipe or spray professional cleaner with soft cloth. In addition, during the warranty period, the manufacturer has the responsibility to provide free maintenance services; If the warranty period is exceeded, the hotel will have to bear the maintenance cost.

In conclusion, customizing hotel lights requires comprehensive consideration of many aspects, including requirements and objectives, supplier selection, design plan and sample confirmation, contract signing and production arrangement, installation and debugging, etc. Only by doing these jobs well can we ensure that the customized hotel lights meet our own requirements and create a comfortable and warm lighting environment for the hotel.

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