No More Panic Buying: Schedule Routine PPE Deliveries from applya

No More Panic Buying: Schedule Routine PPE Deliveries from applya

Face Mask

As America starts to get a handle on the COVID-19 outbreak, businesses will need Personal Protective Equipment or PPE including respirators, masks, gowns, and gloves in order to safely reopen. applya is your trusted source for this equipment.

Stop chasing the products your business needs and paying a premium to ship them from overseas – we have resources both here in the United States and internationally that can meet your sourcing needs. We also don’t require pre-payment, and we provide a customized fulfillment schedule to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Our available PPE includes:

• Respirators
   – N95

• Gowns
   – Surgical/Non-surgical
   – Sterile/Non-sterile
   – Various levels

• Nitrile Gloves
   – Exam
   – 7-8 mm

Our process for scheduling your PPE deliveries is easy:

1. No pre-payment necessary
2. You determine what you need
3. We’ll order the supplies for you
4. We’ll provide a customized delivery schedule based on your needs and requirements

We also provide a strategic reserve replenishment plan to help healthcare and government agencies prepare for the fall and winter months. Our Strategic Stockpile Reserve Plan is a multi-stage strategic approach to ensuring state governments can secure access to key supply chain partners:

1. Planning: Review product needs and pool volumes and customize the delivery schedule
2. Sourcing: Secure product and producing schedules for 90-120 day period, both domestically and overseas through our Pre-Qualified Vendor Management Program
3. Logistics: Develop a customized delivery schedule with fully integrated shipping and delivery by air, sea, and land
4. 90-day review and adjustment: Review product performance and costs for adjustment

applya is ready to meet the PPE demands of governments, healthcare providers, and businesses around the country, providing a long-term strategy for supply needs and stockpiles.

We will help you get your employees back to work safely.

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