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February 10, 2017 – NRI Legal Services proudly announces its first ever legal mobile application, a giant leap in communication breakthrough for people based overseas with legal cases pending in India. This mobile app is launched by the company, keeping up with its promise to provide easier access to all clients to reach its legal advisors in India, get regular, timely updates and have all information documentation regarding a case pending in an Indian court on a handheld mobile device in New York, London or any corner of the world. Through this, the company crosses yet another frontier for connecting Indians based overseas to their roots their properties and their legacy in India.

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Since its inception in the year 2000, NRI Legal Services has always taken pride in using cutting edge technology for a rather conservative area of work, “Law.” In the initial years, the company set up an online portal whereby each client sitting in any corner of the world could access case information remotely online. This was hailed as a revolutionary new approach in getting justice to Indians living overseas.  The aim was to cut the chase for seeking case related information through tedious and long distance phone calls or personal visits to India. The encouragement and success that was attained in those years motivated the company to continually upgrade their online presence as and when the technology updated itself. Over the years, the firm legal advisors say they have “enjoyed the immense love, support, and appreciation that we got from the Indian Diaspora abroad”.  NRI Legal Services in this journey of 17 years changed into a variety of avatars, every time attempting to bring more and more refreshing new additional services through easier communication channels. This new mobile application resonates the same ethos of transparent, reliable and easy to access legal services in India using technology as its backdrop.

The mobile application is connected to the online servers housing and archiving all client information which he can access from anywhere and everywhere. This empowers him to provide inputs to his legal team in India while he is on the move. This was needed especially in the world where the most valuable commodity is Time. Though faster connectivity is the prime object, the app also offers a plethora of services for NRIs in general. Some of them are focused news articles and information on the changing trends in India and how they affect those who live overseas. Information on latest laws affecting the rights of Indian overseas is also available through the app. You can now call; chat, email and schedule a video meet with lawyers all through this new app for free legal advice.

Along with this, the organisation has also introduced the FB Live feature to reach out to all NRIs across the globe in a more intensive manner. Company sources said they found it the need of the hour, given the innumerable questions that NRIs had regarding various steps taken by the Modi government in 2016. Through this live interaction the company hopes that they will be able to inform & educate their viewers about many issues like Transfer of property, making of a Will and getting their Property documents in order. These have assumed greater importance now since the government has decided to target all benami property in the coming months.

NRI Legal Services offers a rare platform for overseas citizens to sort out their property dispute issues in India without travelling back and forth to the country. NRIs face a lot of hurdles in getting their legal matters resolved –distance and lack of proper communication cause hindrance. Besides this, they do not know whom to trust for such sensitive issues. Hence they stand to lose both in terms of time and money.

Along with their transparent fee structure, ease of communication, regular updating and easy access, NRI Legal Services seeks to inform, educate and guide all NRIs to best serve their interests regarding property matters. The legal advisor team of the company can offer advice on various property issues like Title Claims, transfer of Property, Power of Attorney, Illegal Sale and Illegal Possession of Property, Succession Certificate, Criminal Litigation against NRIs, Case against builders and more.

There is an earnest attempt to increase the digital presence of the company to extend services to as many numbers of NRIs as possible.

Download: Nri legal Service’s mobile app for android and iPhone

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