Nirmala Raju of Infinite Healing Touches More Lives With the Joyous Body Protocol

Nirmala Raju of Infinite Healing Touches More Lives With the Joyous Body Protocol
Certified healer and founder of Infinite Healing, Nirmala Raju continues to impact lives with free sessions of her Joyous Body Protocol (JBP) for corporate wellbeing initiatives, veterans, and nonprofits.

Nirmala Raju, popularly known as Nila , and the rest of the team at Infinite Healing are undoubtedly relentless in empowering people to expand their life with ease using the spiritual healing techniques delivered via its self-help tool, Joyous Body Protocol (JBP). In a related development, the healing expert in collaboration of other individuals she has coached over the years recently worked with a charity with special children, with participants reported to be calmer and experiencing better sleep after the session.

It is becoming imperative for people to pay attention to their mental, emotional, and physical health, especially as the level of uncertainty across the globe continues to rise. Over the years, several treatment options have been developed to help address stress, anxiety, PTSD, and other similar conditions. However, such options are often unsustainable and sometimes have adverse effects on patients. Consequently, the feat achieved by Nirmala Raju creating the Joyous Body Protocol and grooming certified expert healers is worth all shades of recognition.

JBP is all-inclusive, user-friendly, and sustainable, helping the body to heal effortlessly, with the process completed in less than 20 minutes. It uses the energy of the Light Keys to create optimal health and restore the body’s healing capacity. The versatility of JBP for stress release, anxiety relief, and a host of other benefits, has endeared it to individuals and organizations from all walks of life.

Nila has leveraged her experience over two decades as an international well-being coach to touch thousands of lives, simplifying the laws of the universe through very simple techniques that are fun to practice. She offers free sessions for corporate well-being initiatives and charities, veterans, prisons, and other similar organizations. Her baby, Infinity Healing has also become the go-to healing certification provider for persons interested in taking up a career as a Joyous Body Practitioner.

For further information about Nirmala Raju, Joyous Body Protocol and the range of resources from Infinity Healing, visit – The holistic healing campaign continues across social media, including FacebookLinkedIn, and YouTube.

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