NINGBO KLS ELECTRONIC: Panel Mount SMB Connector (Jack, Male, 50Ω) KLS1-SMB011

Product Information

Panel Mount SMB Connector With Jack Male Straight Type

Electrical Specifications

Impedance: 50 Ω

Frequency Range: 0-4 GHz with low reflection, usable to 10.0 GHz

Voltage Rating for RG-188/U Cable: 335 volts at sea level and 85 volts at 70,000 feet

Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: RG-196: 750 VRMS;RG-188: 1,000

VRMSVSWR: Straight connector, RG-196/U: 1.30±0 .04 f (GHz) Right angle connector, RG-196/U: 1.45±0 .06 f (GHz) Straight connector, RG-188/U: 1.25±0 .04 f (GHz) Right angle connector, RG-188/U: 1.35±0 .04 f (GHz) Contact Resistance: Center

contact: 6.0 mΩ initial, 8.0 after environmental; Outer contact: 1.0 mΩ initial, 1.5 after environmental Braid to body: 1.0 mΩ initial, after environmental N/A

Insulation Resistance: 1,000 MΩ Min.

Insertion Loss: Straight connector: 0.30 dB @ 1.5 GHzRight angle connector: 0.60 dB @ 1.5 GHzRF Leakage: -55 dB Min. @ 2-3 GHz

  MechanicalMating:Snap-on coupling per MIL-STD-348

  Braid/Jacket Cable Affixment:Hex crimp

  Center Conductor Cable Affixment:Solder

  Engagement Forces: Engagement: 14 lbs maximum

  Disengagement: 2 lbs minimum

  Durability: 500 cycles Min.

  Temperature Range:- 65°C to +165°C


  Center Contact: Female: beryllium copper, gold-plated

  Male: brass or beryllium copper, gold-plated

  Outer Contact   Plating: Nickel or gold plating

  Body:Brass or zinc

  Body Plating: Nickel or gold plating

  Insulator: TFECrimp Ferrule:Annealed copper alloy


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