Nineveh Rising: A Journey Through Time, Faith, and Drama in Donald Clifford’s Inspiring Tale

Nineveh Rising: A Journey Through Time, Faith, and Drama in Donald Clifford's Inspiring Tale

If you are looking for a thought-provoking, religious book beginning in contemporary America that you will understand, then Donald Clifford has the perfect read for you.

Clifford’s passionate perspective brings attention to the rediscovery of biblical truths that have been overlooked throughout history.

Nineveh Rising – as the name may suggest – is a reference to the Biblical account of Jonah’s mission trip to Nineveh. Nineveh was the capital of the ancient Assyrian empire and thought to be mythical until modern times when it was discovered near Mosul in Iraq. During the New Testament period, Jesus affirmed the story by referring to Jonah but it wasn’t until the 19th century that the city was discovered by archeologists.

The reason that I as a critic have mentioned this is that Clifford is a man who is loud and proud. Clifford uses the incident to resonate to the modern era. Christian literature is said to have mentioned ancient events for people of all times to learn.

For those that do not find relatability, don’t worry! As an author, Clifford has used imagery mixed with extensive research to make the reader find lessons from the original story and like the Aberdeen family in the book, experience history once again implying that time goes on while humans tend to forget the lessons history taught.

Expression + Experience = Idea. However, Clifford uses it in a way that not many writers have been able to use in religious dramas.

The story of Nineveh makes the readers think about God’s grace. Some commentary on the story of Jonah claims that Jonah did not believe that the city was worthy of forgiveness. However, upon arrival in the city, he said just eight words. “Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown.” (King James Bible)

The city did repent and God chose to forgive the city. Clifford uses research along with expression to resonate an idea in the 21st century. God does expect anything but to be faithful and use the power of love and truth. Just one step and God will transform any being. With the Help of the Savior – Jesus, a simple small epiphany changes lives. 

One reason this book excels as a modern drama, lies in its incorporation of authentic biblical imagery. With over three hundred references drawn from the Bible, the storyline gains depth and context. A key example comes from the story of Jonah, featuring the expressive/vivid mention of Nineveh Rising.

The Aberdeen family is the center of the book. This family believes in the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit. Once you have the foundations clear, you will enjoy the book even more.

If you are thinking that this book is a book to preach, you are right, and wrong at the same time. The verses used in the book helps us learn and understand through the basic and justifiable human senses.

For an overview, the central family is living in a time when anti-Semitism and apostasy were growing. The book even holds traces of the times having encouraged this behavior. However, the faith that this family has, helps them cross all fires. One small step – as small as eight words change people to a T.

A very important part of the book comes from science fiction. The book revolves around modern-day technology and science that is carried forward in each millennium of Christianity and now thrives in contemporary America. 

This is once again a smart touch on the Biblical reference. This millennium may not mean what you are thinking. It refers to the Christianity interpretation where Satan is locked up for the thousand-year millennium – the Day of the Lord. The Church age began with Jesus being resurrected 2000 years ago. When he comes back, he will open a new time and reign for another 1000 years. The transition in the next millennium is to talk about. However, the innovations mentioned in the book are ones to talk about as well.

The innovations are dealt with as nuisances. The family seems to commercialize them and use them for themselves. However, the novelty also brings a wager in the world where the period of war enters and brings trials and tribulations. This suggests that when individuals receive a gift, they may share it with others despite their better judgment, ultimately resulting in their own misfortune. In essence, every innovation encompasses both beneficial applications and potential misuse.

With the newfound technology that can allow viable space-time travel, the new millennium becomes an epiphany. Here, another reference from the Bible may blow your mind away. In the new millennium, God is resting, Satan is locked in a bottomless pit. Remember how the Bible mentions that the universe was created on the sixth day and the seventh, God took a break and rested.  The writer uses the creation week model from the Bible that helps create a timeline in the drama. This helps suggest that we are approaching the seventh millennium which is the rest period.

From the creation of Earth until Abraham is about 2000 years. From then onwards a series of events that Bible talks about completes the next two thousand years. And finally, in the modern calendar it has been about 2000 years since Jesus. Hence, completing six thousand years.

Before moving to some more views, let us wind the book down. Spoilers ahead.

The end of the book allows all the founders and inventors to join in a place and be resurrected in the new millennium. They decide to create technology to commercialize this transition in the sun’s solar system. All in God’s plan with humans acting as the source or God’s fingers. No matter how evil man wants to be, God changes the outcome as He wishes.

One of the aspects of this book is the author’s idea that the world is coming together. Events in the world may not be perceivable through basic human senses. God works in wonders and sees the bigger picture that people cannot. However, they are what is happening according to God’s will. Even in the book, city of Jerusalem – just like in the Christian faith – is treated as the central part of God’s big plan.

The end is coming! There are clear indications in the book that this is what the author wants to say. The world isn’t falling apart but falling together towards God’s victorious plan. The end requires patience in God’s plan and trusting that everything that happens is according to His plan, despite our intentions.

There is no in-between when it comes to matters of God. As His creations, we must continue to trust him when things go our way and not lose faith when they do not. God’s plans have intricate ripple effects.

Give this book a gander and you may just be able to revive your Christian beliefs!

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