NightLase Technology Takes Nowak Aesthetics – And San Diego – By Storm

Dr. Nowak notes that the NightLase anti-snoring treatment has resulted in a huge response from couples looking to alleviate severe snoring.

Snoring has often been depicted as a harmless, mildly annoying habit that many couples put up with. Yet the truth is that severe snoring can be a burden on a relationship, with many couples opting for separate bedrooms as a way of getting undisturbed shuteye.

When board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Eugene J. Nowak of Nowak Aesthetics first announced the arrival of NightLase – a gentle laser light treatment that minimizes snoring – on the news, he didn’t anticipate the huge response it would generate.

“The snoring segment touched many people who tried everything – hormone therapy, sleep studies, machines, surgery,” Dr. Nowak points out. “Snoring was literally driving their relationships apart, with some resorting to separate bedrooms.

“I’ve done numerous news segments during the last 20 years of my medical practice, but none received a response like this,” he adds.

NightLase uses non-invasive laser light technology to gently heat oral tissue, which causes a tightening and contracting effect. This resulting tightening results in a decrease in the amplitude and frequency of snoring. Dr. Nowak recommends that patients undergo at least three NightLase treatment sessions over a six-week period.

NightLase is a quick, comfortable, no surgery, no downtime procedure with results that can last up to a year. Benefits from NightLase can be sustained with periodic maintenance treatments. Results can vary based on an individual’s age, health, weight, and whether they are prone to seasonal allergies, colds, or illnesses.

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