NHU was shortlisted in “Hurun China 500 most valuable private companies 2019”

On January 9, Hurun Research Institute released the “Hurun China 500 most valuable private companies 2019” list for the first time. This list is based on the quantitative evaluation of the competitiveness of local private enterprises in China and the ranking is based on the market value or the value of assessment. NHU ranked No. 149 on the list with a total market value of 46 billion yuan.

According to the data, the threshold of “Hurun China 500 most valuable private companies 2019” is 14 billion yuan. The total market value of the listed enterprises is 36 trillion yuan, equivalent to 40% of China’s GDP. Among them, there are 8 private enterprises in Shaoxing.

As a new media group, Hurun Report has three parts: research and consulting, media and activities, finance and investment and provides research and consulting services for up-market brands. Hu Run, chairman and chief investigator of Hurun Report, said: “the most quality enterprise should be based on its value, not its sales volume. The more “Hurun China 500 most valuable private companies 2019″ a city has, the more obvious benefits for its GDP, industrial growth, per capita income, tax it will have.”

As a global player in fine chemical industry, NHU devotes itself to the research and development of four major functional chemicals, including nutrition, flavor and fragrance, APIs and new materials. In 2019, NHU actively take the challenge of  global complex economic situation, seized the market opportunity, and made new breakthroughs in business management, R&D innovation, internationalization process, etc. Up to September 2019, NHU has total assets of 27.1 billion yuan, net assets of 16.3 billion yuan, operating revenue of 5.7 billion yuan and net profit of 1.7 billion yuan.

In the future, NHU will continue to uphold the corporate mission of “innovating fine chemicals and improving the quality of life”, devote itself to green chemistry, promote the continuous progress of the chemical industry and make greater contributions to meet people’s better life needs.

2020 is the closing year of the NHU’s 13th five-year plan and the planning year of the 14th five-year plan. We shall continue and strive to break through the fixed thinking pattern, focus on the improvement of product chain and value chain, improve the level of operation and management, open up resources and cut costs, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and achieve the goal of 10 billion yuan. Digital project construction is also very important for NHU. Efforts should be made to realize the full process support, full process control and full coverage services of informatization and digitalization for enterprise production, management and decision-making, so as to help the company realize the efficient decision-making of the whole value chain and realize the high-quality development of NHU.

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