NHU Once Again Ranks High in the Shaoxing\’s Tax List!

Recently, the latest Shaoxing Enterprises (Groups) Tax Contribution Top 100 List and Urban Independent Enterprises Tax Contribution Top 100 List have been published one after another. NHU and NHU of Shangyu Biochemical Co., Ltd. ranked third and eighth with 526.12 million yuan and 385.58 million yuan respectively in the “Top 100 Tax Contributions of Urban Independent Enterprises”. NHU’ s parent company NHU Holdings Group ranked third with 1233.25 million yuan in the “Top 100 Tax Contributions of Enterprises (Groups) in the whole city”, and became the enterprise that pays the most tax in Xinchang County.

Taxation, as the main form and tool of fiscal revenue of state organizations, playing an important role in guaranteeing and realizing fiscal revenue. It is also one of the significant levers for the state to regulate and control the economy. The state regulates social production, exchange, distribution and consumption through taxation, at the same time promotes the healthy development of social economy. Meanwhile, it contributes to maintain the effective operation of state machinery and safeguards the state power. Paying tax according to law is the responsibility and obligation of every enterprise to the state. Tax revenue is the basis for the survival of the country, which is closely related to the overall interests of the country and the direct interests of enterprises, units and individuals.

Enterprise tax amount is the vital index to measure the value of one enterprise. From the beginning, NHU always pays tax in accordance with the law, fulfills the legal obligations without any “discount”. Moreover, taxation is regarded as the most basic social responsibility of enterprises as well as one of the best ways to reflect the performance of a corporate carrying out social responsibility . Some enterprises adopt unreasonable ways to pay less taxes or even evade taxes, which is the manifestation of a serious lack of executing social responsibility. Since enterprises using public resources, they must consider the interests and development of the whole society from a long-term perspective and consciously shoulder social responsibility. If they ignore the relationship between enterprises and society, they just make a big mistake and will achieve nothing. NHU regards fulfilling social responsibility as its inherent demand. Only by establishing a good corporate image and improving the developing quality of the enterprise, can the NHU’ s internal development power be formed. That’ s also the reason why Enterprise Tax Policy encourages enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility – to promote the sustainable development of enterprises in all aspects. 

NHU has always attached great importance to sustainable development. Therefore, it has created numerous new products with excellent technology and broken the monopoly of other countries for some products . It also never neglect environmental protection. The avocation of “Zero Waste” really shows its ideal and promotes the coordinated development of nature, technology, economy and society. All along, NHU adhere to the purpose of “creating wealth, promoting employees and benefiting the society”. NHU focus on its major industry, cultivate their main business deeply, strive to build a talent plateau, unswervingly take the road of innovation-driven and green development, promote the realization of win-win situation, namely make economic, social and environmental benefits simultaneously so that achieve high-quality development. In addition, on the way to the goal of “NHU of the world”, the enterprise has committed to developing the vision and concept of globalization and reaching the level of acting globally. As a matter of fact, it is a globally respected behavior to obey the rules and pay taxes reasonably. The use of taxation to stimulate the growth of enterprises has been widely recognized. NHU fulfills its social responsibility, promotes the globalization of the enterprise, develops the brand building of Chinese enterprises, and in some degree strengthens the ability of sustainable development of Chinese enterprises.

In detail, NHU has been the top taxpayer in Shaoxing City for 10 consecutive years. Since 2004, the cumulative tax payment has exceeded 7.2 billion yuan. NHU has answered the question of what is the responsibility of an enterprise and how to carry out it by its actions. 

2019 will be an extremely important year in the history of NHU. This year is the key year for NHU to deepen reform and transformation. Although many awards have been won by NHU, there is still a long way to go to achieve the ultimate goal. With honor in hand, NHU will continue to have a leadership role, enhance the ability of scientific and technological innovation, and promote the speed of development. In the new historical period, innovative achievements will be put in the center. New image will be displayed, innovation will become the significant evaluating indicator in measuring the enterprise is successful or not and new situation for all kinds of work will be created… NHU promises to make greater contributions to the whole country and society!

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