NHU donated 10 million yuan to help fight against 2019-nCoV

With the outbreak of 2019-nCoV in Wuhan, all sectors of society have made great efforts to help. NHU took a very quick response and donated a total of 10 million yuan of cash to the public welfare social organizations in Zhejiang, Shandong and Heilongjiang province to support local community to fight against the disease.

NHU regards the epidemic prevention and control as the primary work at this stage. At the first time, the company established the epidemic response leading group headed by vice chairman of NHU, launched the emergency plan for epidemic prevention and control, made arrangements for epidemic response, put the life safety and health of employees in the first place, and demonstrated the confidence and determination to fight against  2019-nCoV.

Meanwhile, NHU also launched a solicit contributions proposal among its staff about fighting against 2019-nCoV. In the face of the special situation of epidemic prevention and control work, it is proposed to adhere to the principle of full voluntary donation, no amount and no publicity. Many NHU staff members donated money to fight against the disease and resist the virus. Finally NHU has raised 1119168.17 yuan.

Besides Money raising activity, NHU also actively interact with its customers to offer support and solutions during this difficult period. Animal husbandry is affected by the epidemic, NHU immediately responded to the call of the state and took the initiative to closely connect with customers and made a response plan according to the change of customer demand to protect the animal husbandry with marketing service, logistics support, production shift, quality assurance and so on. Many departments of NHU have formulated the specified scheme through the network linkage, and carried out strict and detailed specifications on how to enter the factory, how to check the health of drivers, how to load and unload goods, and how to communicate with both parties. In view of the temporary shortage of personnel in some posts, the production technology department arranged new local employees to take the post and adjusted the regular daily shift to three shifts to further shorten the delivery cycle.

Under circumstance of emergency, the social responsibility of an enterprise can be more embodied. The wealth of a company comes from the society, and finally returns to the society. NHU donated and assisted to fight against the epidemic, protected the animal husbandry affected by the epidemic by resuming production as soon as possible and called on employees to contribute their love are all NHU’s social responsibilities.

The more critical the situation is, the more unity we are. As long as we have firm confidence, scientific prevention and control, and safe production, people’s lives will be effectively guaranteed, and the order of living economy will gradually be restored. Let’s work together with the whole Chinese people to win the battle of prevention and control of pneumonia!

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