NHU created a modern ecological factory and devoted to environmental protection and green production

NHU advocated the environmental protection concept of “green development” and built an ecological factory to realize the harmonious development between enterprise and community, human and nature.

Emission reduction

In the past two years, NHU has upgraded the environmental protection facilities in various production bases, equipped with advanced pollutant treatment facilities in the industry, and effectively solved the problem of three wastes treatment. In 2009, NHU Shandong base invested 35 million yuan to introduce Siemens VLR vertical epoxidation ditch technology, which can degrade and remove the soluble pollutants (COD, ammonia nitrogen, and other nutrient elements) in the wastewater, and finally decompose them into water, carbon dioxide and other small molecular substances, so as to achieve the purpose of sewage purification and improve the wastewater treatment efficiency. NHU has also built international advanced solid waste and gas-liquid incinerators, which can ensure that the discharged flue gas can fully meet the “ultra-low emission” standard, making an important contribution to environmental protection.

Energy conservation

The waste gas produced by fermentation has been a big problem in the fermentation industry. NHU Heilongjiang base introduced the first-class zeolite molecular sieve system in China, which not only solved the problem of waste gas produced by fermentation, but also effectively utilized part of the heat energy generated in the incineration process of fermentation concentrated waste gas, reducing the use of auxiliary energy.

Similar to the above functions is the RTO regenerative thermal oxidation furnace in duel, Germany. It can oxidize the organic matters (VOCs) in the waste gas into corresponding carbon dioxide and water at high temperature, so as to purify the waste gas. It can not only reduce the company’s waste gas disposal, but also recover the waste heat and save a lot of energy.

Fine management

In 2019, NHU Shangyu base implemented the consultation project of refined management of hazardous wastes. The project uses new technologies such as IOT, GPS, two-dimensional code, intelligent terminal, electronic ledger, electronic bill, etc. It is a solid waste fine management platform integrating site management, data collection, data analysis and statistics, information application and professional guidance to realize the whole process tracking management of hazardous waste.

At the same time, it can also reduce the environmental risk of enterprises and promote the balanced development of development and environment through the measures of “green process, coordinated production, institutionalized waste reduction, waste recycling, utilization and planning, harmless disposal, and intelligent management”.

NHU will continue to take the environmental protection concept of “green development” as the driving force, and use practical actions to help build a beautiful earth!

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