NH3 FUEL FROM THIN AIR with WaterSparkPlugs.com

July 12, 2017 – The idea that water can be used as fuel is nothing new. Jules Verne said one day water will be used as fuel in 1874. In 1932 Henry Garrett made a water fueled carburetor in Dallas, Texas. Today, Audi makes a synthetic diesel fuel from water and Carbon dioxide. Daniel Green, the founder of WaterSparkPlugs.com is pleased to announce the water spark plug project is up for sale.  By combining Hydrogen made from water to Nitrogen extracted from the air, water spark plug kits make NH3 fuel on demand. NH3 or Ammonia replaces Gasoline as fuel in internal combustion engines. Mr Green has been working on this concept for many years and has successfully trademarked and copyrighted this concept ready for the next stage.

Scientifically, this concept is based on a new electrolysis method of splitting water into two gases, oxygen and hydrogen. Cambridge University 2000 white paper Arc liberated energy exceeds electrical input energy describes this process. With an abundance of water in the atmosphere constantly as the fuel source, this idea is revolutionary and needs financial backing for prototyping services. Mr Green says we actually save our water supply by using moisture in the air as fuel. Fossil fuel and nuclear industries actually consume billions of gallons of water per day from rivers, streams and aquifers. By utilizing the technology proposed at watersparkplugs.com we return all the water to the environment that is used by coal, oil and natural gas industries. The environmental benefits alone make this project worth funding.

Mr Green is ready to take his concept to a broader level by inviting investors for collaboration and or acquisition. A TV show, GREEN MY RIDE and production of an eye-opening documentary film, called Ignite, Spark the Revolution, about the History of water fueled vehicles and the technology is also planned. Funding for prototyping services are required to proceed.  Mr Green is willing to pass this project on to another company with the intention of making the spark plug kits available to the public.

For more information about Daniel Green and this project please read his ebook and visit www.watersparkplugs.com

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