NFT Crypto Central Pre-Launch NonGen (Non-Gender) NFT Drops

On 15 May 2022, NFT Crypto Central plans a NonGen℠ NFT drop. NFT Crypto Central’s vision is to create groundbreaking changes in social consciousness and elevate the conversation of inclusion through characters and stories using Non-Gender (Non-Gen) NFTs, while creating value for its member community.

This is the first and only existing Non-Gender NTF. This NFT is the face and head of a lion and ape. The name of the NFT character is LeoApe℠. It is one animal with a body composed of two species of organs.

An initial and only limited collector’s series comprising 2,500 NonGen℠ NFTs shall be launched on the major NFT Platforms. NonGen℠ plans to launch one or two NonGen℠ NFT series each year. Most series will be limited to 1,000 NFTs. Advance purchase of the available NFTs is for NFT Crypto Central members only.

The origin and initial being of LeoApe℠ are not known. It cannot reproduce, so how it is formed remains a mystery. It was discovered in Central Africa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in 2022.

There are no records that the LeoApe℠ ever existed, but researchers say it has probably been on the planet for a few thousand years. They are located on about 15,000 hectares in the Northern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, with geographic coordinates of 2.5 degrees latitude and 20 degrees longitude.

The Congo Forest in Central Africa is the second-largest intact block of tropical rainforest in the world. The DRC holds the largest portion of this forest, and it is among the most biodiverse area anywhere.

Its forest covers between 112 and 154 million hectares and hosts more than 10,000 species of plants, 409 species of mammals, 1117 bird species, 400 species of fish and 2,500 LeoApes℠.

The region where LeoApe℠ resides is appropriately named LeoApe℠ Meta Farm. This farm is divided into 0.25 hectares yielding 60,000 Meta mini farms. Each owner of a LeoApe℠ NFT can purchase up to two Meta mini farms.

This protected area of the Meta rain forest where the Meta mini farms are located is also available for purchase when other NonGen℠ NFT Characters are released.

The NonGen℠ community aims to elevate the discussion of inclusion and offer interesting material via a perspective on distinctive NFT personalities.

Success can only be achieved globally when divisiveness is defeated by inclusion, and respect for others becomes part of our norms. Then and only then is it possible for all cultures to coexist in peace, love, and harmony.

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