NFPA Institutes Every Fire Sprinkler System Requires Inspection Every 5 Years

“Although the NFPA requirement has been around since 2002, these two recently-added additions require that every five years, a sprinkler system needs to go through inspections for the safety of the people and protection of properties.”
California, if you haven’t heard yet, the NFPA is now requiring that every water-based fire sprinkler system design go through two specific inspections: Obstruction Investigation Inspection and Internal Valve Inspection.

If you’re wondering what exactly an Obstruction Investigation Inspection and Internal Valve Inspection are, we have you covered.

Aura Fire Safety states that an Obstruction Investigation “inspects your sprinkler system piping for any possible material that could cause pipe or sprinkler blockage”.

An Obstruction Investigation also shows early indication of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC), which can cause pinhole leaks. Pinhole leaks can require you to completely replace your system piping.

Fire departments are adamantly enforcing these two requirements. They highly recommend the flushing of your FDC (Fire Department Connection) on your property. In case of an emergency, they can hook into the FDC that’s free of obstructive material to allow the free flow of water.

An Internal Valve Inspection identifies any hidden potential causes of failure or blockage. The inspection requires the valves to be opened up and inspected inside. Again, they’re looking for a presence of foreign organic and inorganic material that could block the valves.

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