Next Generation Single Family House Spearheaded by Chicago-based Investment Fund Nearing Market Launch.

Chicago, IL – 20 June, 2017 –, a Chicago based developer focusing on building technology announced today their first single-family home,, will be complete in July. It is the most sustainable home ever built in Chicago and generates its own electricity, water and food.
The home features r70 walls, r60 roof, a 50′ tall skylight and balcony to allow natural light to penetrate all spaces, a guest suite in addition to 4 other bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. It is expected to produce 100% of its own electricity, 60% of its own water, and fresh produce both inside and outside of the home. 
ARIISE, which prides itself on crafting next generation buildings have hit many patentable breakthroughs that will be market firsts. After completion and sale to prove the potential market, ARIISE expects to have over 12 patents in place and to raise more investment through the ARIISE Sustainabilty Fund (ASF) to increase its propriety production and licensing strategy throughout the country.
“This home showcases our products and our craftsmanship. We aren’t a home-builder, we are a product company that specializes in buildings,” says owner and CEO of ARIISE and Manager of the ASF, Ryan Kolar. “The returns for investors will be incredible and we expect the fund to grow 10x organically in 2017.”
ARIISE™ was founded in 2014 to develop, design and build less expensive and more sustainable projects for our partners. By taking our proprietary concepts, patents and copyrights and forming The ARIISE™ Sustainability Fund (ASF), outside investors can now become part of this important and profitable movement.
Our in-house architecture and construction services eliminate outdated overhead and profit models and delivers larger, predictable returns.
The ARIISE™ Fund focused solely on the Sustainable Home in Year One to deliver 25% returns to our investors, but will soon expand to multiple project sizes in multiple States.
To learn more about ARIISE’s plans, or to book an interview, contact ARIISE via email:, or to learn more about investing in the ASF, email:

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