Next Business Tycoon 3 – Economy under attack game provides a realistic business running experience to users where they strive to reach on top

Next Business Tycoon 3-Economy under attack is an exciting new game for anyone who wants to experience how it is like to be a Business tycoon who runs their own company and manages a large sum of capital. It is a super realistic tycoon game in which the player manages their own company in a scenario when the economy is managed by rich and strong corporations and they strive to become the world’s strongest business company. The game is launched for Android users on Google Play Store.

To begin the game, the user simply has to choose a location on the global map then start developing their company using concessions, transportation, resources, research and development and more. This latest game in the series of Business Tycoon games comes with many new features like build and train army units, using which the users can attack the rivals destroying or stealing their assets and resources. In this game, the world is controlled by rich companies who use their money and power to force their control over the world economy.

New and Major features of the game:

  • Build and train army units
  • Defend and attack other companies using your army ground and air units
  • The group of 20 top industrial countries is placed in the world map.
  • Invest in startup companies from different countries and place bids in contracts.
  • World’s biggest banks are placed on the world map, that provides loans at different rates.
  • The business environment is more competitive than the previous games
  • The players can have their own soccer team, army experiments company, travel company, a mining company and many other companies where they can invest for becoming the strongest business tycoon.

Next Business Tycoon 3 requires the player to be a good business manager while being aware of their competition, because here they will compete against other capitalists, form alliances and even attack other companies. As the player moves ahead in the game, they will come across advanced levels and new interesting features which keeps them engaged in the game for a long time.

Download the game for free at Gooogle PlayStore

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