News About Breaking The Norm in Real Estate, Daniel Olivo is Revolutionizing Real Estate in New York by Making Luxury Properties Affordable To All

Revolutionizing real estate is no mean feat and one man Daniel Olivo is doing this without fanfare.

Starting his career as a healthcare professional, the entrepreneurial spirit in Daniel Angel Olivo quickly evolved to real estate, landing numerous deals successfully in a very short period of time. This got him experience with some of the best real estate companies such as Besmatch Real Estate and Metropolitan Real Estate, and over 14 editorials landing in features like FHM, Sports Illustrated, Healthy Living and more.

Olivo in 2019

Daniel Olivo, who is better known as Mr. Olivo, is an American businessman, a Realtor®, on the rise to being more successful in developing improvements in New York real estate and as he does his work, it’s been validated that he’s leaving numerous generous donations to different charities as signs of giving back to different communities. Olivo understood affordability was the pain point in real estate, he has been involved in real estate since age 10, so it was a pain point that he has noticed for a very long time. This led him to introducing a multi layered payment system for luxury properties in the city of New York. This payment system helped buyers stretch out payments without the hassles that comes with mortgages.

The system is open to the entire American market and connects middle income earners in America to affordable properties. Olivo has a myriad of happy diverse clients that were able to get apartments, vouchers accepted, houses, and or commercial spaces listings rented, executed, and sold in a quick fashionable manner. His clients thanks him often for his loyal relentless efforts of going beyond with services as they’ve been in his luxurious white Mercedes-Benz and or in his gray Mercedes-Benz. As Chen, from The NY Times stated, “a $165 million deal that closed last week in the South Bronx, perhaps the borough’s largest private development, could bring about 1,300 new rentals to the industrial waterfront, of which 30 percent will be affordable. The recent rezoning of more than 90 blocks along Jerome Avenue, which cuts through the poorest congressional district in the country, could bring 4,000 new low- and middle-income apartments.” The Bronx is becoming prime.

Olivo in 2018

Real estate is not an easy career, those in it, have to stay strong psychologically and physically to progress as smoothly as Olivo has been doing.

Daniel Olivo is one of the top successful realtors in New York. Olivo has been featured briefly also in The NY Times, Fox News, and he is still on the rise as he promises to provide more excellent real estate services to all New Yorkers. When our correspondence contacted him about our findings, he had this to say, “The current trends in home ownership are pointing towards a buyers market now. This means there are more properties on the market than there are buyers because we have more luxurious apartments than there are buyers that can afford it outrightly. The buyers need to have considerably more flexibility in their buying options and process.”

When asked why he does what he does, Olivo added “I have practically lived my life to make impact, to effect a change but I try not to make noise about it. To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity. I learned that from Mr. Douglas Adams. I remind myself that for the real estate field and for the medical field.”

Going a little deeper into Olivo’s life, we found out he’s been involved in a lot of charity and political works such as donating, volunteering and has contributed to the healthcare field in numerous ways such as authored articles, scientific research papers, and more. His impact has not just been in professional settings, Olivo has been seen doing political work with Mayor Bill De Blasio, Governor Andrew Cuomo, Hillary Clinton, Adriano Espaillat, George Gresham, and other well known politicians in New York in attempts to better real estate, the economy, climate change, health care, and civil rights. 

Olivo in Political Activities

The Bronx, New York continues to show much appreciation to Olivo as it should, since he is showing great success and efforts to better it. In addition to his amazing client satisfaction rates that keeps going up, his numerous generous donations, and the economy improving as the US President mentions, the Bronx is definitely thriving more in real estate.

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