Newly Released Fantasy Poems, hits home to keep users bewildered in thought

“Poet Jon Gutmacher – A British Soldier, is a story about the Zulu Campaigns like Tennyson or Kipling.”

Jon Gutmacher’s Newly Released Fantasy Poems spark moments of reality and fantasy that continue to keep us bewildered in thought.

His website contains a portion of the fantasy poems, speculative poetry, and flash fiction of Jon Gutmacher that are considered to be among his best fantasy poems and work. If you like short stories, akin to flash fiction, especially in poetic form – you’ve found the right place.

For instance, his early fantasy poem, “The Dream”, is a haunting love story that will pull you into its center as it envelopes you. Likewise, the more recent fantasy poem and voted as one of the ‘best poems’, “A British Soldier in Zululand“, takes you into the Zulu battlefield just like Kipling would have done two hundred years ago.

If you are more in tuned with fantasy poetry based on a very popular song, try “The Yellow Ribbon, and take a trip on a Greyhound Bus into the past while you shed a tear. For a story almost one century old, his very popular fantasy poem, “Rainbow Bridge”, tells the tale of pets awaiting their master or mistress after their passing.

Also be sure to try his ‘Disney’ type fantasy poems “Hansel and Gretel”, “Beauty and the Beast”, and the very popular “Cinderella” poem. For one of his the most beloved Disney type stories; the “Snow White” poem really hits the mark. There’s even science fiction and metaphysical work like “Star Bender” and “The Seven Moons of Dargoor”. You might even try the personal favorites of many: “The Good King” and “Faithful Knight”, or the top choice winner: “The Warrior and the River”.

All of these, and more – are fantasy poems as a complete story and worth the trip down a mind blowing experience. Although most are both fantasy poems, speculative poetry and flash fiction all rolled into one, they seem to transform you to a place where reality fades away. The critical element in everything is “the story”. Jon writes a mix of many different types of fantasy poems, and other work – everything from free verse, to traditional rhyme, to a mix of everything in one place. This is intentional.

“You may wonder why, as I have sometimes asked myself, did he mix styles together?” — but that’s just the way he writes.

Jon has broken away to be free from traditional rules. His only rules are: if the words flow – if the story is clear – that’s all that’s necessary. Jon began writing fantasy poems primarily back in 2010 after a serious shoulder injury. It was a way of dealing with the extreme pain, and a long period of healing. His poetry topics are of a varied collection and certainly not all are fantasy poems.

However, all of them normally contain a complete story, and almost all will be in poetic form — in the way he writes it — and often have a moral at the end.

So, If you are a poetry buff you’ll find a list of poems on his website at the very bottom of any poem, and also a limited list on the right side of each poem. There is aslso an option to search by category.

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