New Zealand Visa For Andorran and German Citizens


New Zealand has a visa waiver program that allows citizens of certain countries to visit for short stays without requiring a visa. If you are a citizen of one of these visa waiver countries, you can enter New Zealand for tourism, business meetings, or family visits for up to 90 days without obtaining a visa. Here are some key points about New Zealand’s visa-free travel:

  • Visa Waiver Countries: The list of visa waiver countries can change, and eligibility criteria may vary. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, citizens of many countries, including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and most European Union member states, were exempt from obtaining a visa for short visits to New Zealand.
  • Duration of Stay: Travelers from visa waiver countries can stay in New Zealand for up to 90 days within a 180-day period for purposes such as tourism, business, and visiting friends and family. This period is calculated from the first date of entry.
  • Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA): While citizens of visa waiver countries can visit New Zealand without a visa, they are required to obtain an Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) before boarding their flight to New Zealand. The NZeTA is an online application that requires travelers to provide basic information about their trip and pay a small fee. It is typically approved quickly, allowing for smoother entry upon arrival.
  • Transit Passengers: Even if you are transiting through New Zealand on your way to another destination and your layover is less than 24 hours, you may still need to apply for an NZeTA or a transit visa, depending on your nationality. Check the specific requirements based on your situation.
  • Passport Validity: Ensure that your passport is valid for at least three months beyond your intended departure date from New Zealand.
  • Border Control and Entry Requirements: Upon arrival in New Zealand, travelers will be subject to border control checks. Immigration officials will verify the NZeTA and other travel documents, including your passport and return tickets.
  • Health and Character Checks: While visa-free travel is generally straightforward for citizens of visa waiver countries, travelers may still be subject to health and character checks if necessary. 


If you are planning to transit through New Zealand on your way to another destination, whether by air or cruise, you may need a transit visa depending on your nationality and the specifics of your travel plans. Here are some key points to consider regarding transit visas for New Zealand:

  1. Transit Without a Visa (TWOV): Some travelers are eligible for Transit Without a Visa (TWOV) in New Zealand. This means that you can transit through New Zealand without a visa as long as you meet certain criteria. These criteria may include:
    • Holding a valid onward ticket to a third country.
    • Staying in New Zealand for a limited duration, often not exceeding 24 hours.
    • Not leaving the airport’s international transit area.
    • Meeting health and character requirements.
  2. Transit Visa Requirement: If you are not eligible for TWOV or if you plan to leave the airport’s international transit area while in New Zealand, you may need to apply for a Transit Visa.
  3. Transit Visa Application: The application process for a Transit Visa typically involves the following steps:
    • Visit the official New Zealand Immigration website to determine if you require a Transit Visa based on your nationality and travel itinerary.
    • Complete the Transit Visa application form, which can usually be done online.
    • Pay the applicable visa fee.
    • Provide any required supporting documents, such as a valid passport, proof of onward travel, and a visa for your final destination if applicable.
    • Submit your application and wait for a decision.
  4. Processing Time: Processing times for Transit Visa applications can vary. It’s advisable to apply well in advance of your planned transit to allow for processing.
  5. Duration of Transit Visa: Transit Visas are typically granted for a short period, often matching your transit itinerary. Ensure that the visa’s validity aligns with your travel plans.


If you have an urgent need to obtain a visa for New Zealand, it’s important to follow the proper procedures and contact the appropriate authorities to expedite the process, if possible. Here are steps to consider if you require an urgent New Zealand visa:

  1. Check Eligibility and Visa Type: First, determine the type of visa you need based on the purpose of your visit (e.g., visitor visa, work visa, student visa). Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for that visa type.
  2. Visit the Official Website: Go to the official New Zealand Immigration website ( to access information on visa requirements and application procedures.
  3. Urgent Processing Options: Check if New Zealand Immigration offers expedited or urgent processing options for the specific visa type you need. Some visa categories may have priority processing available for urgent situations.
  4. Contact New Zealand Immigration: If you have an urgent need to travel and require a visa, contact New Zealand Immigration directly. Explain your situation and inquire about any options for expediting your visa application. They may provide guidance on the fastest possible processing route.
  5. Complete the Application Form: Fill out the visa application form accurately and provide all required documents promptly. Missing or incomplete documentation can cause delays.
  6. Pay the Visa Fee: Pay the required visa application fee, if applicable, using the accepted payment methods. Be sure to keep a record of your payment receipt.
  7. Submit Supporting Documents: Include all necessary supporting documents with your application. These may include a valid passport, photographs, proof of funds, employment offers, travel itineraries, and any other documents required for your specific visa category.
  8. Monitor Application Status: Keep an eye on the status of your visa application through the New Zealand Immigration website or any tracking system they provide. You may receive updates on your application’s progress.


New Zealand is located in the southwestern region of the Pacific Ocean and is endowed with natural beauty. Because of this, it is one of the most popular and popular tourist spots in the world. One must first apply for a visa if they intend to travel to New Zealand. German citizens can waive their need for a visa online with the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA). It permits qualified visitors from more than 190 nations, including Germany, to visit New Zealand for leisure, business, or transit. German nationals need a NZeTA in order to travel to New Zealand. No visa is required for visitors to New Zealand who have the NZeTA. German nationals must fulfill a few essential New Zealand eTA requirements in order to visit New Zealand without a visa. An initiative to waive visa requirements was launched in 2019. It is called the New Zealand eTA, or New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority. The New Zealand eTA for Germans, once received, permits the holder to visit New Zealand several times without a visa for the duration of its validity (up to two years). German visitors who have a NZeTA can stay for up to 30 days per visit. To improve security and safety, the New Zealand Visa Waiver Scheme was implemented. The New Zealand eTA for German citizens grants visa-free access to the country for stays of up to 3 months. The New Zealand eTA is also electronically linked to the German passport. Citizens from Germany must apply for a visa before entering New Zealand if they plan to stay in New Zealand for more than 3 months. The NZeTA application for Germans is quick and easy to fill out online. The authorization process is quick, easy and should take less than 30 minutes for most applicants.

New Zealand eTA Requirements for German Citizens

  • A valid German passport – The traveler’s passport needs to have a validity of at least 3 months after the trip to New Zealand. The approved eTA will be electronically linked to this document.
  • A valid payment method – To complete and submit the New Zealand eTA application, travelers will need to pay the application fee and NZ International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy fee (already included in the total cost). This can be done using a valid debit or credit card.
  • A valid email address – Finally, all travelers are required to enter a valid email address on their application. This is to receive notifications regarding the New Zealand eTA and a copy of the authorization once approved.
  • A recent photograph of the German applicant


If you are an Andorran citizen and want to visit New Zealand, you must apply for a NzETA. The New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) is an electronic visa waiver program that went into effect in July 2019. Citizens of 190 countries are welcome to visit New Zealand, but they must first apply for a New Zealand ETA. It enables eligible citizens to visit New Zealand for tourist, business, or transit without having to go through the inconvenience of applying for a visa at an embassy. Andorran citizens can stay in New Zealand for up to 90 days with a NZeTA visa. The New Zealand eTA is valid for two years and allows numerous entry for short-term visits. In order to receive an approved eTA for New Zealand through email, you must also pay a processing cost known as the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy (IVL). Eligible citizens can apply online using the simple New Zealand eTA application.


  • A valid Passport valid for at least three months after leaving New Zealand
  • A Complete eTA New Zealand’s application form.
  • Proof of the journey’s intent
  • You can use a debit or credit card to pay for the NZeTA fees.

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