New York fashion brand launches first true Virtual Reality shopping experience in the United States

Customers can view a retail store in 360 degrees, interact with content in the video, and purchase high-quality products

Tarrytown, NY – Eye Hunee is proud to announce the first true Virtual Reality shopping experience in the United States. The video (which can be seen here ) allows shoppers to be in a real retail store, look around in 360 degrees and choose items off the rack or from the models. The video also features augmentation within the video, some of which is clickable for full interaction. The technology allows users to interact with content within the video and make a purchase after clicking desired products. Users can shop for high-quality fashion accessories like hats, crowns, men’s apparel, women’s apparel, sunglasses, sneakers, laces, gloves, and music.

More information about their fashion collection and one of a kind shopping experience is available on their website at

Today’s customer deserves a new and better way to shop online. Eye Hunee is ecstatic to collaborate and partner with the world’s premier Virtual and Augmented Reality technology company VirtualAPT. This is the first in a series of VR shopping experiences of the partnership featuring Eye Hunee apparel worldwide.

“We are confident with our line of fashion products, which has been manufactured from the best materials and created with style and purpose. We want people to join us in creating a new cool culture that will define the present time and the future of fashion,” said Christopher Sander, Co-Founder of Eye Hunee.

Eye Hunee manufactures apparel, eyewear, and accessories by combining classic style with modern contemporary urban aesthetics. They offer customers an extensive collection of items available in different categories including women’s and men’s apparel such as sheer jackets, T-shirts, shorts, leggings and tank tops. They also sell eyewear such as unisex round sunglasses, aviator sunglasses, cat eyes sunglasses for women and wayfarer sunglasses for men. Customers can also shop for custom sneakers, baseball caps with a large metal lion head, leather crowns, laces with gold lion lace locks and gold label gloves.

“We are excited to have our technology combined with such a cool brand. The creative elements that Chris and his team have had us build for this experience should help generate a lot of excitement for Eye Hunee products,” said Bryan Colin, Co-Founder and CEO of VirtualAPT. Shopping with virtual reality offers a new kind of experience for consumers. On the Eye Hunee website, users can view many of the products available in 360 degrees. The company’s desire, with help of VirtualAPT, is to introduce a new kind of shopping experience that offers great opportunities and possibilities for customers.

About Eye Hunee

Eye Hunee is a fashion brand based in New York that manufactures and sells high-quality accessories to young adults. The company collaborates with entertainers like Method Man, Fetty Wap, Keri Hilson, Tiffany Evans, etc. to design and market new products that combine classic style with modern aesthetics.

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About VirtualAPT

VirtualAPT is an advanced Virtual and Augmented Reality technology innovation company that builds autonomous robots that move through a space, recreating a real-life experience in full 360×180 degrees. The hardware and software are proprietary and the content can be viewed on any device worldwide with no app download necessary. VirtualAPT is one of the early innovators and currently has what many consider the world’s foremost VR and AR technology. This includes a substantial patent portfolio, more than a dozen unique algorithms, and inventions including interactive Virtual Reality video, real-time AR in a VR video, streaming VR with mobility in cinema grade quality, a method to watch VR videos in multiple languages, and Field of Vision Stop and Go (FVSG).

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