New York Estate Planning Lawyer Yana Feldman Releases Article on Essential Estate Planning Fundamentals in NY

New York Estate Planning Lawyer Yana Feldman Releases Article on Essential Estate Planning Fundamentals in NY

New York estate planning lawyer Yana Feldman ( of New York Legacy Lawyers has recently published an informative article titled “Three Fundamentals Of Estate Planning In NY”. The article provides essential insights into the complexities and necessities of estate planning, aiming to guide residents through the process of securing their legacy and ensuring the smooth transfer of their assets.

Estate planning, often misunderstood as a practice only necessary for the affluent, is in fact crucial for individuals and families of all financial standings. The New York estate planning lawyer emphasizes the importance of establishing a comprehensive estate plan, which includes drafting a last will and testament, planning for guardianship, and establishing trusts. These steps are vital in safeguarding one’s wishes and providing for loved ones after passing.

According to the New York estate planning lawyer, “Many people overlook the importance of a will, not realizing that without one, the state decides how their assets are distributed, which can lead to unintended consequences and disputes among family members.” Feldman’s article breaks down the legal nuances and practical steps involved in creating an estate plan that reflects the client’s desires and needs.

The article elaborates that a last will and testament is more than just a document; it acts as an expression of one’s profound feelings towards their family, ensuring that their legacy is managed according to their wishes. It also highlights the importance of guardianship in protecting the interests of minors and dependents, ensuring they are cared for by trusted individuals chosen by the parents themselves, rather than being decided by the courts.

In addition, trusts are discussed as a flexible tool in estate planning, providing not only a means to manage and distribute assets posthumously but also offering potential tax benefits and privacy from the public probate process. Feldman provides clarity on different types of trusts and their specific applications, making this complex legal area more accessible to the general public.

The article also touches upon the critical differences between a living will and a last will and testament, educating readers on the importance of both documents in a comprehensive estate plan. Each serves a unique purpose, addressing different aspects of a person’s wishes, from medical decisions in the event of incapacitation to the distribution of assets upon death.

Feldman encourages New Yorkers to consider their estate planning needs proactively. “It’s never too early to plan for the future. By establishing a solid estate plan, individuals are not only protecting their assets but also providing peace of mind for themselves and their loved ones,” states Feldman.

For those interested in learning more about estate planning or beginning the process of creating their own estate plan, Feldman’s article serves as both a basic introduction and an invitation to explore this critical legal field further.

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