New York Contested Divorce Lawyer Juan Luciano Unveils Insightful Article Explaining ‘What Happens In A Contested Divorce?’

New York Contested Divorce Lawyer Juan Luciano Unveils Insightful Article Explaining ‘What Happens In A Contested Divorce?’

Renowned New York contested divorce lawyer Juan Luciano ( has recently published an illuminating article, ‘What Happens In A Contested Divorce?’, which sheds light on the intricate and often stressful process of contested divorce proceedings. The article is designed to provide vital information to individuals navigating this complex legal terrain.

In the article, Juan Luciano, the New York contested divorce lawyer with extensive experience, eloquently elucidates the contested divorce process. He begins by acknowledging the gravity of divorce as an event in a person’s life and then goes on to explain how contested divorces occur when spouses disagree on one or more issues during the separation.

New York contested divorce lawyer Juan Luciano advises against navigating contested divorce alone. “Protect your rights and ensure the best possible outcome in your case by working with a New York contested divorce lawyer,” he emphasizes. At the law offices of Juan Luciano Divorce Lawyer, the legal professionals are adept at guiding clients through the divorce process, from initial paperwork to court representation.

Juan Luciano’s article also outlines what to expect throughout the contested divorce process. He discusses the importance of understanding that there will be a lot of communication between spouses and attorneys, which can prolong the proceedings. The article highlights that a contested divorce can be a stressful situation due to negotiations and legal expenses, especially if the case proceeds to trial.

The New York contested divorce lawyer’s article further explains that not all contested divorces necessitate a court trial. Most are resolved during the settlement phase. “If both spouses can come to an agreement during the settlement phase, there is no need for the case to go to trial,” states Luciano.

Additionally, Luciano delves into the factors affecting the duration of divorce proceedings. The average time for an uncontested divorce in New York is three months, while contested cases may take around nine months. However, complexities such as property division and child-related matters can extend this timeline.

Furthermore, Luciano outlines the steps of a contested divorce process. After one spouse files for divorce, the other is served divorce papers and has a designated period to respond. This is followed by the discovery phase where information about the marriage is gathered. The negotiation phase ensues, and the outcome of this phase determines whether the case will proceed to divorce court.

As a final note, the article is an essential read for anyone going through a contested divorce or who wants to understand the process. Juan Luciano’s insights reflect his commitment to empowering individuals with information to make informed decisions during this challenging time. It’s encouraged that those going through divorce proceedings consider consulting a professional to ensure their rights are protected and the process is navigated effectively.

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