New York City Construction Accident Attorney Keetick L. Sanchez Releases Guide on Reporting Construction Site Accidents

New York City Construction Accident Attorney Keetick L. Sanchez Releases Guide on Reporting Construction Site Accidents

New York City construction accident attorney Keetick L. Sanchez ( has recently published an informative article addressing the crucial steps to report an accident at a construction site in NYC. The piece sheds light on the protocols and significance of timely accident reporting within the construction industry, where safety is a paramount concern.

In the bustling construction industry of New York City, the welfare of workers is often delicately balanced between safety protocols and accident prevention measures. The New York City construction accident attorney emphasizes the importance of understanding how to navigate the aftermath of construction accidents, which in 2020 resulted in 502 injuries and 41 worker fatalities as reported by the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health.

The article underlines the city’s commitment to fostering safe working conditions and the role of both employees and the public in reporting safety violations. “Everyone has a stake in maintaining a safe construction environment,” states the New York City construction accident attorney. “Immediate reporting can not only save lives but also upholds the accountability of construction companies to adhere to safety regulations.”

Keetick L. Sanchez also details the content of a construction accident report, which includes the date, time, and location of the incident, details of the reporter, site information, incident description, casualties, and additional site details. Such comprehensive documentation contributes to the enforcement of safety standards and the protection of workers’ rights.

Furthermore, the urgency of reporting is a focal point in the article. Sanchez asserts that, “Witnessing an accident and reporting it promptly can be the dividing line between life and death. The New York City Department of Buildings offers an option for anonymous reporting, ensuring that the safety of workers is not compromised by fear of retribution.”

The article offers a step-by-step guide on reporting accidents and unsafe conditions, which includes contacting 911 in cases of injury or fatality, reaching out to the NYC Department of Buildings, and staying on site until investigators arrive. Additionally, the article explains the importance of reporting safety violations to OSHA and the protections afforded to employees against employer retaliation.

The guidance provided by the New York City construction accident attorney extends beyond the mere act of reporting. It encompasses the legal rights of those who report violations, emphasizing the shield against employer retaliation guaranteed by law.

Those interested in further information or in need of legal counsel are encouraged to seek guidance from professionals in the field. This article serves as a guide for individuals to take action, stay informed, and contribute to the safety and well-being of the New York City construction workforce.

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