New York Child Custody Lawyer Juan Luciano Advises on What to Avoid in Custody Cases

New York Child Custody Lawyer Juan Luciano Advises on What to Avoid in Custody Cases

New York child custody lawyer Juan Luciano ( has recently released an informative article titled “5 Things Not To Do During A Child Custody Case,” offering crucial guidance for parents entangled in the challenges of a custody dispute. The comprehensive piece sheds light on common pitfalls that could negatively impact the outcome of a custody case and ultimately, the well-being of the children involved.

In family law, where the stakes are profoundly personal, the guidance of a lawyer becomes invaluable. The New York child custody lawyer addresses the heightened emotions and complexities of divorce and custody proceedings, emphasizing the importance of the child’s best interests above all else. Luciano cautions against actions that could be harmful to one’s case and, by extension, to the children caught in the middle of the process.

The article by the New York child custody lawyer delves into behaviors that may influence the court’s perception of a parent’s capability and dedication to their child’s welfare. Luciano states, “The court’s primary concern is to safeguard the interests of the child, and evidence of a parent’s refusal to cooperate or communicate effectively with their co-parent can significantly affect the court’s decisions.”

There are critical missteps outlined in the article that parents should consciously avoid during a custody battle. These include refusing to cooperate with the other parent, speaking negatively about the other parent in front of the children, neglecting court-ordered support payments, engaging in questionable social activities, and the mistake of not securing appropriate legal representation.

Luciano further explains, “The impact of poor choices on social media, or the neglect of temporary support orders, can be substantial. It’s essential to demonstrate responsibility and a focus on the child’s well-being, regardless of personal feelings toward the other parent.”

The article also addresses the sensitive topic of what constitutes an unfit parent in the eyes of the court, discussing how New York courts approach the delicate issue of custody by evaluating a multitude of factors, including substance abuse, to determine what serves the best interest of the child.

The child custody trial process is also discussed, outlining the steps from the initial appearance to the potential outcomes of a trial. The crucial role an experienced lawyer plays in navigating these legal waters is underscored, with Luciano emphasizing that professional counsel can help ensure that a parent’s rights, as well as the child’s best interests, are adequately represented.

The article provides a discussion on how to handle a situation where a child refuses to comply with visitation orders. Luciano notes that early communication with the courts can prevent legal complications and that the courts may suggest alternatives such as therapeutic visitation to foster the parent-child relationship.

Luciano continues, “Whether it’s during the custody evaluation, trial, or dealing with a child’s noncompliance with visitation orders, having a knowledgeable attorney is indispensable. The right counsel can provide clarity and direction in these often intricate and emotionally taxing situations.”

For parents facing the challenging journey through a child custody case, this article serves as a guide, directing them away from actions that could undermine their case. It also provides solace in the form of professional legal support, which can prove to be a deciding factor in the outcome of their custody disputes.

Parents who understand the significance of informed decision-making in custody cases are encouraged to explore the insights shared by Juan Luciano in his latest article. It not only offers practical advice but also serves as a reminder of the gravity of each decision made during such a critical time.

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