New York Asset Protection Lawyer Yana Feldman Shares Insights on Safeguarding Assets

New York Asset Protection Lawyer Yana Feldman Shares Insights on Safeguarding Assets

Yana Feldman, a respected asset protection lawyer from New York Legacy Lawyers, has recently released a comprehensive article detailing effective strategies for asset protection in New York. The guidance comes at a critical time, as the legal landscape continues to present challenges for individuals and business owners seeking to protect their hard-earned assets from potential litigation.

The asset protection lawyer emphasizes the rising number of lawsuits in the United States, many of which are frivolous or result in settlements disproportionate to the actual liability. Feldman’s article specifically addresses the concerns of business owners, professionals, and property owners, who are often at the forefront of such legal vulnerabilities.

According to Feldman, the risk of liability is not showing signs of abatement, necessitating strong asset protection measures. The  asset protection lawyer’s article outlines various risks including professional malpractice, personal liability as corporate officers or directors, and lawsuits from personal accidents on premises or involving vehicles, among others.

New York Legacy Lawyers, with a dedicated team of New York asset protection lawyers, provides clients with strategies to shield assets from litigation, judgments, and fraud. “Insurance alone does not always provide adequate protection,” Feldman states, promoting a more comprehensive approach through the use of trusts, business entities, and other legal instruments.

“Accumulating assets is the result of a lifetime of effort,” Feldman shares. “Our objective is to ensure these assets are safeguarded for the futures of our clients and their families.” The article serves as a call to action for those needing to create or update their asset protection plans, providing peace of mind that their wealth is secure.

Within the article, Yana Feldman discusses how proper structuring of legal entities, such as LLCs, can protect personal assets from business-related lawsuits. This is particularly relevant for rental property owners, who may not always recognize the business nature of their endeavors and the associated risks.

Moreover, the article delves into the importance of starting asset protection early, before problems arise, using the example of medical professionals who should preemptively protect their assets prior to taking on high-risk patients.

The asset protection lawyer also tackles the complexities of asset protection law in New York, highlighting the necessity of having an experienced attorney to navigate the intricate legal landscape and ensure the enforceability of protection strategies.

For individuals contemplating the stability of their future and those of their loved ones, the article serves as a reminder of the importance of speaking with a seasoned New York City asset protection lawyer. Proactive asset protection planning can make the difference between financial security and vulnerability.

Individuals interested in learning more about asset protection strategies are urged to take heed of the insights shared by Yana Feldman and consider consulting with a professional to discuss their specific needs.

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New York Legacy Lawyers is a renowned law firm widely experienced in estate planning and asset protection. The firm’s team of attorneys is dedicated to helping clients navigate the complexities of protecting their assets, ensuring their wealth and legacy are preserved for future generations. With a strong commitment to providing personalized and ethical legal solutions, New York Legacy Lawyers stands as a pillar of support for those seeking to secure their financial future.


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