New Year, New Career. Marlo Lyons’ award winning book, Wanted -> A New Career, Offers a Proven Blueprint to Help People Transition to a New Career or Find Their Dream Job

A recent Gallup State of the Workplace Report shows 85% of employees are unhappy and unengaged in their current jobs. Wanted -> A New Career inspires people to take actionable steps to find a meaningful and fulfilling career that enriches their lives.

Marlo Lyons is a bestselling, award-winning author, certified career, executive, and team coach, certified HR executive, and California licensed lawyer.

Marlo is a foremost expert in career strategy, having spent more than 20 years inspiring, motivating and empowering people to excel in their careers and businesses. Her own personal career transitions from TV News Reporter to Lawyer to Human Resources Business Partner to Coach combined with her inside knowledge of HR and data gathered from clients’ case studies helped her create her Career Transition Strategies® presented in the book and now used by thousands to transition careers or find their dream jobs. 

This one-on-one interview shares Marlo Lyons’ background and experience in writing Wanted -> A New Career, The Definitive Playbook For Transitioning To A New Career Or Finding Your Dream Job.

Tell us about Wanted -> A New Career.

Wanted -> A New Career is the definitive guide to help employees at any stage of their career leverage their skills from their current or previous jobs, and transition them to the new career or new job.

This step-by-step playbook shows readers how to:

  • Figure out what they want to do, not just what they can do, and learn how to go after it with vigor

  • Highlight transferable skills to any new career

  • Fill in work history gaps

  • Format their resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile through the lens of the new job or career

  • Convince hiring managers to see diverse skill set as more valuable than that of their competition

  • Negotiate a salary that compensates candidates for their value

And more!

What inspired you to write Wanted -> A New Career?

How did you do that?

That’s the question I’m asked when I tell people I transferred skills to multiple careers in multiple industries, from an award-winning TV news reporter to entertainment lawyer to HR Business Partner coaching the C-Suite in multiple industries. I know first-hand that transitioning careers can be frustrating and confusing, so I wrote a book which provides people with easy-to-follow steps on how to re-evaluate their job or career at any age, determine how to find a career that would be fulfilling, and then transfer their skills and capabilities to the new job or career. 

Ultimately, my goal in writing this book was to help people overcome their fear of changing jobs or careers and find true purpose and fulfillment in their work.

How did your background and experience influence your writing?

I am a certified career, executive, and team coach, certified in HR, as well as an Harvard Business Review and Newsweek contributor. My human resources, career, executive and team coaching certifications and expertise, combined with my experience coaching hundreds of clients has provided me with a unique understanding of how to empower people to overcome their fear and find a fulfilling career which enriches their lives.

What is one message you would like readers to remember?

Life isn’t Linear®. You are never too old to pursue a fulfilling career.

You deserve to find the career and/or company that excites you when you wake up every morning. If you are spending 40+ hours a week at work, you deserve to be as fulfilled at work just as much as you deserve to be fulfilled and happy outside of work.

Purchasing the Book

Wanted -> A New Career has received positive reviews from well-renowned literary organizations, authors, and reviewers around the world and won the prestigious Eric Hoffer Award for Best Self Help Book. The US Review of Books recommends Wanted -> A New Career, writing, “Gone are the days where a paycheck is just a paycheck, the book analyzes a career seeker’s values and goals in life to pursue career advancement in addition to adding a better quality of life.

A must-read for anyone who is unsatisfied with their chosen career, recently fired, looking for a job outside their current field, or looking for guidance on what to do next, Wanted -> A New Career, The Definitive Playbook For Transitioning To A New Career Or Finding Your Dream Job, is available for sale on Amazon as print or Kindle as well as Audible. 

Readers are encouraged to purchase their copy today:

Marlo has also turned the guidance in the book into a virtual learning series, which can be found on her website at  

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