New Website Helps To Monetize Hobbies: The Optimal Way of Using Social Media

If making slime by mixing glue and sparkles together can garner millions of views, we can safely conclude that every hobby has its place on the internet. No matter how specific or strange you think your hobby might be, sharing it on the right social media platform has the potential of expanding beyond its niche (i.e. people who already share that interest) and reaching a much wider audience. It’s all about capitalizing on what you love and presenting it in the form of quality content on the most convenient social platform.

Figuring out what your hobbies are can take some time and knowing how to showcase them is also a skill, so throughout this article we’ll give you some examples, helpful hints and platforms to put you on the road toward content monetization. Most people have a passion or something that they love to do outside of their regular profession, but not many of us have thought of turning that hobby into a source of income. While monetizing your passion on social media may not exactly let you quit your day job, it does provide a very rewarding way to spend your spare time. Time that you most likely were going to spend on social media anyway can now earn you extra money on the side.

Defining a Hobby

Hobbies are things we voluntarily engage in on our free time. A good way to help you narrow it down is to think of those activities that you not only don’t get paid to do but often may even be willing to pay for yourself. (Some examples include dancing, pottery classes, horseback riding, etc.) If you flip the equation, your hobby will become your natural business and you’ll be able to sell it!

Keep in mind that earning by doing something that you might easily do for free is very satisfying. Hobbies like photography, movie commentary, cooking, home or office design, and painting can be turned into profitable ventures. Now let’s talk about how…

Choosing a Platform

It’s no secret that written content has largely taken a back chair to viral visual content – in other words photos and videos. This means that to showcase your hobby and earn on social media, you’re better off choosing a platform that is deeply rooted in visual content. While the obvious names may seem tempting, they may also prove to be unfruitful. By comparison new generation social networks are focused on putting users first and allowing them to own their content and have more control over how they earn. A perfect example of this is is the first digital network based on blockchain technology making it decentralized and more advantageous to you. The essence of the network is simple. Users are rewarded based on their social activity and content. The meTokens you earn are transferred to your meWallet where you can save, trade or exchange your ME. This is particularly exciting considering the fact that since ME was listed on cryptocurrency exchanges, it has nearly doubled in market value making the prospect of joining even more enticing!

On you can post photos, videos, and chat up other subscribers. Another notable feature is the option of creative allme news magazines. These are magazines you can title, caption, and fill with your favorite content. Simply pick a theme or subject your passionate about, create your magazine and gain subscribers.

Once you join, you have the option to activate your promo account, which lets you earn up to 50% of advertising revenue gained from displaying ads to your subscribers. With all this you can tell stays true to its company name – it really is all about me! If you’re ready to showcase your hobby and love what you do, check out today!

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