New Web Reality Show Premier, \’Shoot For Broke\’, Starring Video Production Specialists

Check out this humorous and compelling new reality show about what it takes to make it in the video production business in Orange County CA.

Orange County video production agency, Miller Farm Media, premiered a new web-based reality show, titled Shoot For Broke, on September 30, 2016. 

Shoot for Broke is an unscripted, self-contained docu-leaning hybrid.  It follows a team of five video production creatives as they struggle to complete clients’ projects and take risks associated with running a business.  Chief Storyteller, Jayson Duncan, says the show is as much about business as much as it is about creating stories and video production.  The 30-minute pilot episode is hosted on the video agency’s YouTube channel.

In the United States, video ad spending has risen to be a nearly eight billion dollar industry. Miller Farm Media is attempting to share with businesses and the public exactly what processes are involved in creating videos for internal and external business use.

The creative processes involved in video production services can be complex and risky.  There are also a lot of managerial stresses involved with video production deadlines and a constantly changing consumer market. 

Get a peek behind the curtain of how challenging corporate video production can be, even with a decade or more experience. The premise of the reality show is aptly summed up in one of their social media posts from earlier this month: “What happens when you have 30 days to record a video for a client and things go terribly wrong?” 

Part 1 of this show launched on YouTube will have you chuckling while gaining insight into the competitive world of video production. The first episode is titled: Chapter 1 “Risk” 

Watch it now.

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Miller Farm Media was founded by Jayson Duncan in 2003.  We are filmmakers who understand the power of visuals and story.  Whether you need a training video, promotional video, television commercial, or event video, Miller Farm Media can help.

Miller Farm Media is a video production company specializing in corporate video production designed to elicit a response from consumers.

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