New Trauma Center Opens Online to the Public

New Trauma Center named One Trauma accepting new clients as it opens its virtual doors to the public.

Following the founders’ beliefs in treating the symptoms of trauma rather than just the actual trauma, One Trauma treats the whole person, not just the problem. This company not only offers individual and group therapy sessions, but also has its own specialized treatment method available to all patients.

A spokesperson for One Trauma states, “We are just so excited to let everyone know that there is a new option in town for trauma treatment. Rosalien [Stagg] has created a great virtual environment for treating those suffering from trauma and with her guidance; we have created a revolutionary new way of treating trauma in our clients.

“With Rosalein’s background in trauma recovery treatment, and her own experience with trauma, she has a first-hand insight into what it takes to treat someone who has experienced severe trauma. Her theories on treatment have helped so many on her path that led us here to this company. Through her guidance, we can now specialize in the Heartbeat Trauma Release method, which allows us to treat the client without making them relive their trauma.

“Thanks to Rosalein and One Trauma, we can now treat those suffering from trauma without adding any stress to the patient by offering our virtual therapy and treatment. Since they don’t have to leave the comfort of their own homes, they can always guarantee that they are in a safe, healing environment.”

One Trauma offers its patients options in their treatment, allowing them to get the most out of the time with their specialized therapist. The spokesperson continues “We really want them [the patients] to know that they will actually start to feel better right away. It’s amazing how quickly some of our patients will tell us that they are feeling the results. We just want them to find their inner power. It’s like they don’t know how strong they are until they start in on their therapy.”

One Trauma encourages new patients to contact them through their website to get started on their own treatment. By contacting them, the patient can work with a specialized treatment professional to figure out the best treatment plan. With the online therapy sessions, One Trauma is completely flexible for those suffering from trauma, adding another level of comfort and safety in their treatment of trauma.

“We treat the whole person here.”

About One Trauma

Founded by Rosalein Stagg, this facility has brought new options for trauma treatment without the limitations of location. One Trauma treats those suffering from trauma related emotions from the comfort of their own homes. Founder Rosalein Stagg is no stranger to trauma, having been born deaf then receiving a cutting edge surgery at the age of five, leading to the sudden ability to hear. Through that surgery and the ensuing complications, Rosalein discovered the difficulties of overcoming trauma first hand and through this experience, has learned how to help others.

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