New Tea Brand Showcases the Very Best of Assam Tea

New Tea Brand Showcases the Very Best of Assam Tea
Ésah Tea supports organic and sustainable farming and invests in farmers by doing Fair Trade

Ésah Tea was founded to promote teas that are grown organically, following sustainable farming practices, and made to exacting standards.

For centuries, tea has been an essential part of many cultures, and tea production is a vital part of the global economy. The flip side has outdated plantation models, poor working conditions, and environmental degradation.

Ésah Tea is keen to change that, by going directly to farmers, selected carefully for their commitment to sustainable farming. The team engages with the farmers through the stages of tea making to ensure it meets quality standards and taste profiles.

Ésah offers a range of loose leaf black tea, speciality tea, chai, and tea blends. Their earth-friendly tea bags are made from certified organic cotton and do not contain any microplastics. The brand is one of few to offer rare teas such as the indigenous phanap, made by only one community in Assam and parts of the northeast. The phanap is an aged and fermented tea, with some similarities to the pu-erh.

Assam, where Ésah is based, produces nearly 30 percent of the world’s total tea production. However, only a small percentage of farmers practice organic farming. “Our vision is to create a 100 percent organic and sustainable tea industry. We believe that tea should be grown using all-natural methods, such as vermicomposting and panchagabhya, rather than relying on harmful pesticides and fertilizers,” said Bijit Sarma, CEO of Ésah Tea. “By buying Ésah tea, you are supporting a company working to make a difference.”

Ésah is also invested in offering young Assamese professionals the opportunity to work for a global brand while helping to revitalize the tea industry.

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Ésah is a tea brand from Assam, offering select teas that are organically and sustainably grown from across India. We bridge consumers who are particular about their teas and its source with producers who are particular about the teas they make.

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