New Taxi And Limo Service Set To Revolutionize The Cab Industry

The business of taxi and limo driving has become somewhat of a goldmine in making that extra cash or even as a source of full-time income to a lot of people today. However, in order to make the most out of this lucrative business, it’s important to have the best assets which include your car of course, but most importantly involves your driving platform.

Ariv Rideshare is a new driving platform that thrives on policies that put the driver first. From their high rate of customer distribution to drivers to a superb app that runs all the marketing and promotions, Ariv helps you drive and earn with ease!

From different grades of cars to limousine services, Ariv has created a platform where every driver has access to customers all over the city that is suitable for the kind of car service requested. A major feature of Ariv Rideshare has to be the fact that as a driver, you get to keep 100% of your earnings from each ride you take! Amazing, right?

The dynamic platform also ensures an unforgettable experience for riders. By eliminating surge pricing, Ariv doesn’t just make sure your fare as a rider is very reasonable, it also ensures that you get low prices for unbeatable quality!

From whatever point in the city and at any time, ordering a ride simply requires you to go to the Ariv app downloaded on your phone, select your location and destination, and then order. You also have the ability to choose what kind of car or limo you want, depending on the occasion.

With a seamless mode of service and a thoroughly transparent online app, Ariv Rideshare is taking strong steps in revolutionizing the taxi and limo business.

For individuals looking to register three or more cars, there is also a provision for you to become a partner and make the most out of this booming market.

So if you feel it’s time to get some extra cash from that car, head over to and become your own boss as soon as possible!

You could also get 50% off your first ride by downloading the app today and ordering for a ride.

The app is available on Google play store and iTunes on the links below:

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