New TaskChat App Tops as One of the Best Productivity Tools for Teams and Businesses to Manage Their Tasks

Boca Raton, FL – 19 Feb, 2019 – Jarbly LLC’s new app TaskChat is one of the best productivity tools on the market to help teams and businesses manage their tasks. Jarbly created the best features people look for in a productivity tool making it native to one app. With this, teams and businesses around the world can make their jobs a lot easier with TaskChat’s exciting task management, digital communication, and organizational abilities. 

One of the top features of TaskChat is the Task Assignment feature designed to cross-reference openings in team member’s schedules and place it into the appropriate timeslot automatically. It is a feature that simplifies scheduling for the team. Another cool feature of the app is the Calendar Functionality, which reminds all members assigned to the task an alert before the task begins. It sends alerts on their phone that work far better than the way many other apps notified the user. 

Another feature of the app is known as chat functionality which allows separate team members of a project to keep concise communications in private channels and groups. TaskChat is available for both iOS and Android phones. The Apple version also features a robust lead management system. With this, the user can quickly send texts, emails and even make calls based on whether phone contacts are warm leads, prospects or clients. Therefore, it makes it easier for the user to organize his work and perform tasks that will help achieve their goals. 

Even crafting emails and texts to prospects and clients are easy, as TaskChat allows you to set saved templates. The user can use the templates to quickly send a uniform text or email to a contact based on the appropriate project they belong to. Thanks to the template, the user does not need to type the same text or email to send to leads over and over again. It ideally saves people time and effort making TaskChat a convenient tool to have in one’s iPhone or Android phone. 

TaskChat’s features on chat, tasks, and calendar are all conveniently designed courtesy of AI technology. Through AI, TaskChat can automatically scan the user and the team’s calendars to find openings and schedule tasks when everyone is conveniently available without having to ask your team. The app serves as an all-in-one system to help the user with their business. As it offers one of the best ways to keep communication concise between the team members, TaskChat is the productivity tool proven to get more done fast. 

About Jarbly:

Jarbly is a team of marketers and developers who try to be the digital age’s pioneer. The group constantly creates innovative ideas with their passion, expertise, and skills that they own and fully manage. They also create projects for companies such as funnels, web development, online platforms, compelling video, and mobile apps. Their focus ranges from the project management industry to the restaurant industry to the job market but have a plethora of experiencing serving other industries as well. The group has a long list of completed projects in its portfolio, including the TaskChat platform.

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