New startup Ironclad Investments is outperforming market averages and offering great returns

Ironclad Investments is a newly established investment company that specializes in the foreign exchange market. It is a hedge fund that invests in a variety of assets in the foreign exchange market, and gaining rapid popularity for offering great returns to its clients while outperforming the market averages. The company is based on the belief of trust and transparency that garnered them a good client base in a short period of time. It also teaches people how to trade by offering online mentoring programs and educational packages.

Despite being a new business, Ironclad Investments has gained a number of happy clients and holds a portfolio of £500k-£1m, as of now. With an aim to offer individuals and businesses the opportunity to earn higher interest rates, Ironclad Investments has devised carefully crafted strategies by a team of expert professionals in the field of finance, marketing, and investments. The company is offering a lucrative alternative to the banks that offer low-interest rates by providing high yielding investments.

To begin with, Ironclad Investments uses a structured portfolio account that pools all of their clients’ funds together with their business funds, and uses it to invest in currencies based on their unique strategies and methods. All profits are kept in this account to compound and earn more. The clients can decide to keep their profits in, to compound for increasing the value of their investment even quicker. The company will provide monthly updates to their clients on their account telling how much their investment is worth.

Ironclad investments if offering a fixed rate of 6% per quarter and will keep anything above it, as a commission. The minimum investment amount is £10,000 or equivalent, for at least a period of 6 months. What makes the company stand out from its counterparts it that it is not tied to any markets or commodities which means they can execute their own strategies for different market conditions and scenarios.

They strive to offer higher returns to their clients and since they are invested with their clients too, so for any draw-downs, they can pay the clients their profits. Furthermore, Ironclad Investments uses a structured portfolio to allow its clients to track their investment in real-time. They also offer a Referral scheme and no hidden fees.

Learn more about Ironclad Investments on their official website.

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