New Smash room app for iOS users lets them take out their anger and frustration on a dummy

Smash room is the newly launched app for iOS users that allows them to beat, whack, punch, kick, stab, shoot and do anything to a dummy on their mobile phone. The app now available on iTunes for download is designed for the users to take out their anger and frustration on someone by putting their face on the dummy and do whatever they want to do to them. It is available for free download and being a violent game, it is recommended for users of age 17 and above.

Smash Room is a fun app that is developed with a positive motive to enable the user to unleash and let out their feelings to a dummy. This app can be used whenever the user is feeling upset, angry or want to take a revenge on someone. They can take out frustration on a dominating boss, annoying coworkers or even own friends. Using this game, the user can apply the person’s face on the ragdoll’s face and then hit, stab and torture them using tools provided in the game such as baseball, dart, tomato, gun, knife, watermelon, boxing gloves and more. When the user is done taking their revenge, they can also export and share a gif of it.

Not only the user can use this app to take their anger out, they can also earn points and coins for doing so. These coins can be used to purchase various weapons to torture the dummy. The user can take a picture of their work (revenge taken on the doll) and share it with their friends.This app can also be used for some healthy fun and kill time. Using this app, the user can beat the dummy with baseball stick, shoot it with a gun, stab or slice it with a knife, whack it with a spiked stick, throw eggs and tomato at it and more.

For those who aren’t satisfied with the free weapons and methods to take out revenge, the app also offers in-app purchases for buying better and more powerful weapons. Some of the weapons they can purchase include the spear and fork to stab the doll, lightning to electrocute it, a flamethrower to burn it among others. The app allows the user to take out all their anger and frustration on someone without any consequences. It enables them to do what they can’t (or shouldn’t) do in real-life.

Additionally, the app is available for free download at iTunes and requires iOS 9.0 or later to run.

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