“New Sleek Backpack with Built-in Highchair” Active Parents’ No.1 Choice, Set For 26th April Launch

A brainchild of Suphy, GillyGro Backpack is a multipurpose children’s product brand created by a team of three moms for parents worldwide.

The primitive years of parenthood are filled with challenges. While it’s a time for ultimate joy and happiness, going out with kids is a real challenge for new mommies, as packing all the stuff their little ones would need in a single backpack is a struggle. While a wide range of backpacks is available in the market, most are bulky, childish, feminine, or do not match the parent’s outfit. Many dads refrain from carrying these backpacks because they feel embarrassed by their childish design or look.

Suphy, the inventor of the GillyGro backpack, was quoted as saying, “Being a successful career woman for so many years, I never thought this could ever happen. But that’s how life works. In 2019, I was laid off from Tesla and was forced to consider my options. Finding a job that I truly enjoyed became extremely difficult when the pandemic struck. That’s when I started thinking about things I could do outside of a 9-5 job, and eventually, I settled on learning to be an Amazon seller. I immediately found that selling on Amazon is quite competitive unless you have a unique product that can set you apart in this crowded e-commerce marketplace.”

A year after her Amazon e-commerce journey, Suphy, together with her two girlfriends who are still in the process of raising young children, a top backpack manufacturer, and a top-notch industrial designer, decided to collaborate together to create GillyGro, a perfect baby backpack for moms and dads. GillyGro Backpack is now all set to be launched on the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, from 26th April to 28th May, with an aim to bring more parents on board with the idea.

Looking back at her own experiences, she adds, “Children’s products brought back memories when I was still raising my son and was always on the lookout for potential products. I’m a busy mom who always takes him out to see friends and families, but I recall how difficult it was to carry all of the necessities to ensure that everything was covered for a full day outing. That’s when I began to delve deeper into the creation of the GillyGro Backpack.”

As evident, this all-in-one convertible backpack consists of a portable high chair, a diaper changing station, a napping spot, a picnic/activity mat, and a spacious carryall. A world away from the diaper bag of yesteryear, GillyGro is a children’s product brand that has been designed by three moms in the Bay Area, California, to help moms and dads enjoy time with their precious little ones without some of the stresses that go along with it. This multipurpose backpack with a built-in highchair has the functions, elegance, style, and convenience to help parents become the best version of themselves without feeling embarrassed with their backpack. 

GillyGro boasts an ergonomic and sleek design that allows parents to maintain their style while ensuring they have everything for a full-day outing with their little ones. It also has a large storage space with a roomy interior that allows for toys, food, extra clothes, books, and any essentials a toddler requires. Its built-in dining booster seat ovations a hard plastic shell to support the kid’s weight up to 55 lbs and helps save parents from carrying a separate booster chair with them or worrying about germs from using a public high chair. The easy-to-clean detachable mat can be used for changing diapers, activity time, or napping spots. It also contains a few mesh pockets on the inside to organize extra clothes, blankets, burps, clothes, toys, and books. The magnetic flap can be easily opened with one hand while your other hand might be busy holding your loved one.

Interested parents who find this to be a good product, please support GillyGro with their order and help encourage better baby products on the market, invented by the moms who have been or are still going through the troubles. GillyGro is currently giving out a 25% – 50% reward for all orders placed during the Kickstarter campaign period, which will run from 26th April to 4th June 2022.

For updates visit: www.gillygro.com

To support their Kickstarter Campaign visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gillygro/5-in-1-solution-backpack-for-active-parents

Watch “GillyGro Kickstarter Campaign Video”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Bt3BMi_VJQ

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