New Single Party Contigo by Ayan & Yohan: Now on Omega Records V, Start the Party

After being cooped up for so long due to the pandemic, the body is ready to let loose and have fun. We at Omega Records V are ecstatic to present Ayan & Yohan’s new track, “Party Contigo.” This catchy tune will surely fill your home with the joy and merriment of a party.

After facing adversity, the protagonist in “Party Contigo” is overcome with happiness and wants to have a good time. Ayan Miguel Martnez Hurtado and Yosjan Antonio Montiel Torres are an accomplished urban music duo ready to get you on the dance floor with their infectious rhythms and appealing hooks.

Ayan & Yohan have already amassed substantial material six years into their musical relationship. They’ve released three full-length albums, two extended plays, and dozens of singles. They had a gift for music and songwriting from a young age, even though they had never had professional training.

Ayan and Yohan each had musical careers, playing in different bands before joining forces. Along the way, they formed the band NLD, which later broke up. Intending to make something genuinely remarkable, Ayan and Yohan decided to take their musical career in a different direction.

Since then, they’ve pushed themselves musically and professionally to new heights, earning them international acclaim and nominations for major accolades outside Cuba. Listeners are captivated by their unique blend of genres, and they can be found on all the leading music streaming services. Ayan and Yohan want to make people feel something when they listen to their music, and they also want to improve as people and musicians so that they may do even better.

The successful record label Omega Records V has recently signed the pair and actively promotes their sound. Thanks to their work together, Ayan and Yohan can now share their music with people worldwide.

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The infectious “Party Contigo” will soon be topping charts and radios worldwide. Get ready to get down and party because Ayan & Yohan are about to blast some tunes into your ears. 

Come celebrate with Ayan & Yohan as they release their highly anticipated new track, “Party Contigo.”

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