New Release Highlights Christian Virtues and a Simpler Time

Enumclaw, Wash. – Down on the Arkansas side of the Mississippi, a man on horseback comes across a woman who has been shot by men holding her captive, and the woman’s infant daughter. So begins the saga of Elijah Johnson, a strong man, a defender of the faith of women and children.

Eli bandages up the woman, Mercedes Ramos, puts her on horseback, and tucks the infant next to his chest in a sling he had seen the Cherokees use, and sets out to bring her to safety. So begins A Man True (Redemption Press 2017) by Timothy W. Bryant, a western that brings the values and virtues of a simpler time to the present.

The heart of the book is the strength of the family, of mothers being proud of their children, of men righting wrongs. Timothy Bryant says, “The river, the town in the book are all created from historically accurate places and drawn from a time of black-and-white beliefs of moral conduct. Men were men, ladies were ladies, children were taught the value of hard work, and the Bible was always used as a pattern and guide for life’s journey.”

Bryant, the son and grandson of “preachers who were successful pastors,” says, “I am always amazed at the hand of God—how he works things out and plans ahead, knowing the path ahead of us.” The author, automobile mechanic, and part-time Nascar race worker says, “I enjoy a good western: the good guy always wins in the end and saves the girl. This story, although fictional, could inspire men to be that guy.”

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