New Range of Body Care Products Launched by OroGold Cosmetics

OroGold Cosmetics has a variety of high-quality skincare products that treat and reverse skin conditions. Whether customers are trying to combat dark spots and blemishes, get rid of fine lines and wrinkles or reverse the damage of UV rays, OroGold has a product that is likely to solve the issue. 

While OroGold Cosmetics is known for its facial products, the company also has a variety of skin care products that improve the skin on the entire body. 

The 24K Aromatherapy Body Oil from OroGold is a wonderful way to stimulate the senses. The oil is infused with a combination of oils and botanical extracts like pomelo grapefruit and rosemary. The moisturizer has a silky consistency and soothes skin irritation to get rid of dry patches on the arms, legs and back. The oil can also be used as a lotion after a bath or shower and doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrance. Customers can feel great about using this natural product on the skin and may notice a radiance on their skin after just a few uses. 

The 24K Classic Body Scrub is a wonderful addition to a shower or bath. The product gently and effectively exfoliates the skin to make the body look and feel renewed. The skin will adopt a velvety feel almost right away. Customers who are looking for a moisture-rich lotion that can be used any time of day may want to try the 24K Classic Body Butter from OroGold Cosmetics, which should be used after the 24K Classic Body Scrub.  The body butter contains soothing natural ingredients like shea butter and sunflower oil and makes the skin feel touchably soft right away. It’s best to use the body butter daily to see and feel a noticeable improvement.

Individuals who need a moisturizer they can carry with them throughout the day can try the 24K Classic Hand and Body Cream. This product is a part of a daily skincare regimen. The product is not greasy and has skin conditioners to make the skin look like satin. This product also contains argan oil and chamomile extract to make the skin feel especially luxurious with each use. The 24K Classic Hand and Body Cream also works well with the 24K Multi-Vitamin Hand Mask. The mask is a combination of oils that beautify the skin like sunflower and jojoba. These ingredients reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles to keep the hands looking young. After just a few uses, the hands will be soft, supple and smooth. 

Customers who are looking for moisturizers that will improve the skin all over the body can try the 24K DMAE Bodylift OroGold Canada Cream. This luxurious cream makes the skin look especially toned. The product has invigorating ingredients like DMAE and caffeine which makes the entire body look firm and smooth. The cream improves the silhouette and can make customers more confident in swimsuits and form-fitting outfits. 

For more information on body products that can instantly improve the appearance of the skin on the arms, legs, chest and back, customers can visit their website for product details and pricing information.

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