New public awareness campaign about Atrial Fibrillation, a common and potentially dangerous medical condition

Millions of Americans have atrial fibrillation but don’t know it. Doctablet is seeking to provide crucial education about this widespread condition. By teaming up with award-winning electrophysiologist Dr. Jorge Romero, Doctablet presents the facts about this condition including its symptoms, risks and the latest in treatment options.

Millions of Americans have atrial fibrillation but don’t know it. Doctablet is seeking to provide crucial education about this widespread condition. Joining Doctablet in the trenches of the fight against atrial fibrillation is Dr. Jorge Romero MD, FACC FHRS, electrophysiologist at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx.

“Atrial fibrillation is a serious condition that can impair one’s quality of life, and can have life-ending results if left untreated,” says Doctablet co-founder Dr. José Taveras. “We want to put a voice to the problem, and pass along the good news that this common condition can be treated effectively.”

Nine percent of the population over 65 has atrial fibrillation, commonly referred to as “afib.” After the age of 75, that number rockets to almost 25 percent of the population. This very pervasive and dangerous condition not only affects patients’ quality of life, but can also lead to a stroke. However, recent innovations in medicine have made the situation easily treatable with invasive and non-invasive techniques.

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Doctablet’s “The Complete Guide to Atrial Fibrillation” covers the basics of the disease, along with its causations and effects. The video explains the condition, its causes, explores the possibility of a stroke as a result of untreated afib, and the methods for preventing a stroke in this context. It goes on to describe the symptoms afib can cause, and the treatments that are available to alleviate them.

Doctablet’s ally in educating people on afib—Dr. Jorge Romero—enrich the program with cutting-edge information and broader exposure to a Spanish-speaking audience. “Afib can affect all Americans, but I have found that not all medical campaigns are available in Spanish. What we are talking about with afib is big news for everyone,” says Dr. Taveras.

By teaming up with award-winning Dr. Jorge Romero, Doctablet ensures its audience is getting the latest and most effective information about treatment options for afib. Dr. Romero is one of the few electrophysiologists in the country who performs afib treatment procedures without fluoroscopy, which avoids radiation exposure to the patients and his staff. He is also one of a handful of doctors in the world who performs left atrial appendage isolation to dramatically reduce symptoms caused by this condition.
“It’s a privilege to be working with Dr. Romero. He is one of the ‘it’ guys in the field, and he’s pushing the envelope with treatment,” says Dr. Taveras.

Doctablet is a medical education website that uses vibrant animation and simple analogous stories to decipher medical conditions.  Created and developed by Dr. José Taveras and Dr. Christopher Palmeiro, this easily accessible, comprehensive, and entertaining educational platform has been growing in reach worldwide every month since inception three years ago. Doctablet remains committed to providing sensible and sound medical education to all communities.

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