New Preschool Initiative For Early Learners

The Warner Unified School District has adopted the San Diego Quality Preschool Initiative to provide a comprehensive and integrated bilingual early learning program for today’s three and four-year old learners.

In the “Splash into Pre-K” program, teachers incorporate the latest research and active learning philosophies into an easily accessible educational framework. Children learn the fundamentals of reading, along with basic counting and expressing simple introductions.

As teachers aim to develop future leaders and establish a safe learning community, they focus on cultivating a caring relationship with the students. Each day, students are encouraged to experiment, play, and explore their curiosities in the classroom. Warner Unified’s educators believe in this important engagement in order to give young students the opportunity to grow their love of learning. With immersion into the preschool program, students become prepared to enroll into a full-day kindergarten class.

The assurance of San Diego Quality Preschool Initiative further signifies the quality of Warner Unified’s early educational program. Current research surrounding early childhood education emphasizes that 13% per year return can be seen in various areas of life, including education, health, social behaviors, and employment. “Splash into Pre-K” ensures that both the foundation and the quality are strong in a child’s early educational experience.

The life changing impact of an early educational experience is more clear today than ever before. Warner Unified is proud to offer this opportunity for early investment so children can reap the benefits throughout the rest of their educational journey and beyond.

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About Warner Unified School District:

Since 1938, Warner Unified School District has been serving students from preschool to twelfth grade in the rural Northeast San Diego County. Covering over 432 square miles, Warner Unified is proud of its small class sizes, excellent student achievement, and award-winning FFA program. By consistently innovating with technology and teaching methods, Warner Unified offers advanced curriculum for students throughout the school year.

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