New Podcast Series ‘Life In The A-Zone’ Pulls the Veil off the Alzheimer’s Family Caregiver in a Bittersweet Journey of Love, Laughter, Life, and Loss in Louisiana.

New Podcast Series ‘Life In The A-Zone’ Pulls the Veil off the Alzheimer’s Family Caregiver in a Bittersweet Journey of Love, Laughter, Life, and Loss in Louisiana.

September 14, 2020 – In honor of the World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, Peggy Sweeney-McDonald, actress, author, host, speaker, and creative storyteller announces her recently launched storytelling podcast series ‘Life In The A-Zone.’  

Through her vulnerable stories and true to life candor, Peggy shines a light on the entire “family journey” through the dis-ease of Alzheimer’s. This podcast honors the truth while creating space for the kindred community of so many souls who have trudged and are trudging Alzheimer’s. Narrated with heart and soul, Peggy takes the listeners on a path of reaffirmation of a dynamic love between a mother and daughter.

In 2016, Peggy’s mother, Sherry Sweeney, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and that afternoon her husband, Jimmy, lost his job as a stockbroker in Los Angeles. They sold their home and drove across the country moving in with her parents to be caregivers to her mother.  

“After my mother passed away in July 2019, I began writing a memoir of my journey as her caregiver. Searching for podcasts on Alzheimer’s, I recognized a void in addressing the honest and heartbreaking struggle of the caregiver. With the lingering pandemic as a motivator, I decided to podcast my stories as I felt they needed to be told now. I launched the podcast in July for the one year anniversary of her death,” Sweeney-McDonald says. 

The fast-growing podcast has touched people across the world. Peggy’s podcast is devoted to helping caregivers, friends, and family heal and recuperate from the Alzheimer’s experience or the “A-Zone” as she named it. Using her own life experiences as anecdotes, Peggy hopes that listeners will consider her podcast as a source of strength and hope. She highlighted the message from these stories is not only applicable to Alzheimer’s but to anyone who has watched their loved ones slip away slowly from a life-threatening disease.

Her vivid descriptions of life experiences and fusing them into her podcast make ‘Life In The A-Zone’ a masterpiece garnering positive reviews from existing subscribers. From the first episode, The Decision, Peggy pulls the listener into the Sweeney family’s world where at the doctor’s office they hear the dreaded news, “Your mother has Alzheimer’s.” In Episode 5, Lessons of the Lake, she learns spiritual life lessons while encountering wildlife on her neighborhood lake walks then attends a crawfish boil making new friends who walk through the tough times with her. Peggy gives her listeners a front-row seat to her journey and the listener will feel like they are right there experiencing her every thought, emotion, smell, and taste. Like most southern stories, the podcast has tasty mouth-watering food descriptions that will make you come back for more. In Episode 2, Meatball Madness, there is comic relief from her New Yorker husband, and the listener will want to cook a spaghetti and meatball dinner without the family drama.

New episodes in ‘Life in the A Zone’ are posted on Wednesdays. The podcast is now available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, YouTube, Stitcher, and Podbean.

Please reach out to Peggy for interviews, quotes and feedback about Life In the A-Zone podcast during September for the World Alzheimer’s Month, and in November for Alzheimer’s Awareness Month in the United States.

Peggy is the creator of Meanwhile, Back at Cafe Du Monde… the festive hit food monologue show produced across the country, and the author of the bestselling book Meanwhile, Back at Cafe du Monde… Life Stories About Food by Pelican Publishing. She has been a presenter at The Louisiana Book Festival, The Faulkner Society Words & Music Conference, The California Culinary Historians, The Louisiana Restaurant Association, Women of Infinite Possibilities, Passions of the Palate, and the Chili Pepper Extravaganza.

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