New Online Vape Store EcigFit Announces Top Quality Products at Attractive Discounts

Bloomfield Township, Michigan – December 5, 2017 – EcigFit, a brand new store for retail and wholesale supply of e-cigarettes, is now actively promoting the much safer vapes with a range of starter kits, tanks, devices and accessories. The rising popularity of vaping is making the world a safer and healthier place while protecting smokers from the acutely harmful effects of smoking traditional tar producing cigarettes.

The brand new EcigFit website features attractive and high quality vaping devices at the lowest prices guaranteed. The site is now offering attractive gifts to early birds, special offers, as well as Christmas discount offers of up to 75 percent. The site also offers a product review program with $50 as prize money.

E-cigarettes have now caught the public attention as the best alternative to cigarettes. From being an odd segment to becoming the choice of tobacco smokers worldwide, vaping has also helped many smokers quit smoking. For the best experience possible, EcigFit has thus brought together some of the finest vaping devices and accessories available anywhere.

“This is my first e-cigarette device, and I really love it. EcigFit makes me comfortable, especially for customer service. They are good,” said a recent customer review.

“At EcigFit, we are pleased with serving our wholesale and retail consumers. Our online vapor store brings you the best and favorable products that undergo rigorous high-quality checks before they placed on our shelves. For customers’ secure experience, we promise to promote reasonably-priced electronic cigarettes and proudly stand behind each product,” said a spokesperson from EcigFit.

EcigFit aims to offer the best electronic cigarette puff experience with the smoothest flavors around. The online store works directly with brands so that only top-quality products are featured that carry quality functions. The shipping of products is fast with a money back guarantee, and the site offers 24/7 customer service.

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