New Offerings in the Beauty Industry Can Be Exciting and Fulfilling with the Correct Training Courses

Individuals worldwide are now paying closer attention to their looks and do seek the services of trained beauty technicians for eyelash extensions, brow, and eyeliner tattooing as well as lash lifts, and even permanent lip tinting.  Clients seek these services routinely as the results not only enhance the attractiveness of clients, but they are a time saver with results that last for weeks or months depending upon the procedure. 

O.P. Studio of Maple, ON, Vaughan, and other GTA locations, offers Master Classes with training courses in all the most current beauty trends as mentioned above.  The training courses can be completed quickly with some only involving one day of training, and others completed within a few days to a week.  The technicians that do the training are thoroughly vetted on their credentials and any beauty salon or studio can benefit from adding eyelash extensions, brow, and eyeliner tattooing, lash lifts, and permanent lip tinting.   The training courses offered by O. P. Studio are called OPLashes but are much more than just lashes. 

Having the correct training in these beauty applications is crucial, however, as unsatisfied clients will not return, nor will they refer their friends.  That is why O.P. Studio is focused on consistent and thorough training for any salon or shop owners that wish to offer these beauty enhancements.  Each complete training is affordable and thorough and can bring additional revenue to any salon, shop, or studio. 

One salon owner who recently completed all the training courses had this to say, “I was looking to add additional services to my own that were easy and effective in enhancing the beauty of my clients.  I took all the training courses offered by O.P. Studio and my revenue has increased by at least 30 %.  In addition, the training courses were affordable and quick, with Saturday classes available, and my clients are thrilled with having these additional services.  I am more than pleased with having taken these training courses and have referred other studios and salons to the courses.  It never hurts to have exactly what a client wants!  I look forward to the day when even more training courses are offered as I will be the first to sign up.”

Enhancing one’s looks not only makes someone’s outer appearance more attractive, but it also helps with self-esteem enhancement.  More shops, salons, and studios now are looking to add services but seek convenient and quality training courses which can be difficult to find.  O.P. Studio has solved this dilemma for many aesthetic practitioners who are looking to expand their services. 

From fluttery lashes to deep, engaging eyebrows, and lips that have a come hither look with permanent lip tints, the best in training courses like those at O.P. Studio is in greater demand than ever before.  Booking training now to extend services and revenue is a great idea that will pay off for years to come.

About O.P. Studio

With an office in Maple, ON, but also locations in Vaughan and the GTA, this high-end beauty training specialist offers courses that are quickly completed in the latest and greatest beauty trends such as lips, eyebrows, eyeliner tattooing, and of course lash extensions for shops, salon, and beauty studios.  The training courses are taught by certified instructors and some can be completed in as little as one day.  The hours are also convenient with some weekend and evening hours.  A form, phone, and email exist for contact on the website. 

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