New Novel “Women Rising” Explores a World Transformed by a Mysterious Cosmic Event

The Media Review is thrilled to introduce “Women Rising,” a novel by acclaimed author John Sant’Ambrogio. The book dives into the immediate after effects of a mysterious meteor-like sphere that orbits Earth, forever altering the physical makeup of women.

At first glance, it was a simple Saturday night, where two neighboring families with diverse perspectives – the Carters and the Porters – came together. But as a celestial sphere briefly circles our planet, women around the globe begin to grow taller and stronger at an unprecedented rate. This phenomenon sends the world into turmoil, with society grappling to understand and adjust to these dramatic changes.

Families, including the Carters and Porters, handle the changes in divergent ways, leading to both comedic and tragic outcomes. As society tries to navigate this new normal, the Men, Women Together (MWT) organization emerges to aid humanity in coping. However, an opposing group, the “Tough Guys” (TG) and their underworld allies, fight to preserve the past and take down MWT. Thus, a battle for the future of humanity ensues.

The book masterfully delves into societal reactions, the evolution of interpersonal relationships, and the challenges and joys that arise from unexpected change.

Steve and Annie looked at each other. “Annie, can you stand up next to me for a second? Let’s go in front of a mirror.” When she did, they both were shocked. There was no doubt Annie had grown recently…

About the Author:

John Sant’Ambrogio, known for his captivating storytelling, takes readers on another exhilarating journey, challenging our perceptions of societal norms and relationships.

“Women Rising” is now available for purchase:

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