New novel “Two in the Chamber” by Danny H. Nunez is released, an action-packed tale of bank robbers turned bounty hunters, desperate to save their mother’s life

“Two in the Chamber” by Danny H. Nuñez has been released worldwide. This 331-page western follows the adventures of two half-brothers, both in trouble with the law after a bank robbery. In an effort to save their ailing mother – and earn their freedom, they must take on a dangerous challenge and ride out to chase a valuable bounty.

Two in the Chamber (ISBN: 9781736119075) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including and Amazon. The paperback retails for $14.99. Wholesale orders are available through Ingram. 

From the back cover: 

The names “Zep & Fritz Norman” have been stained after their robbery of a nearby bank. Now with the law in search of them, these half-brothers find out their beloved mother is sick with an unknown but deadly disease. The local doctor tells them they can save her, but the treatment is too expensive for these wanted criminals. In hopes of saving their dying mother, they make a deal with their hometown sheriff to call of their bounty. In exchange, they venture off into the wild west to find and collect the high-valued bounty for the most dangerous gang in all of New Judy.

About the author:

As he sits in a black leather swivel chair with a cup of coffee and the howls of the wind screaming into his windows, Danny H. Nuñez spends many hours of his day typing away at the letter keys on his laptop. He comes from the Sun City, better known as El Paso, Texas. Ever since he was a kid, he’s been attracted to the art of storytelling. Like many other authors, he sprinkles a bit of this best – and worst – attributes of himself into his characters in hopes that they tailor well with his stories like fresh beef and fine red wine. He enjoys the wonders of nature and someday wants to write and direct motion pictures that will entertain the world. TWO IN THE CHAMBER is his debut novel with many more to follow. He currently lives in New York City with his amazing girlfriend and their meowing furry son, Mowgli.

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