New Networking Platform Poised to Change Mechanics of Social Networking


September 21, 2016: The world of social networking is set to get a boost when London based start-up, Networking Contact, launch their social networking platform on October 5.

The internet is rife with social networking platforms. But until now individuals have had to create several accounts in order to fulfil all their networking needs; however, it can be very difficult to juggle several accounts just to accomplish all the networking goals.

Touted as the complete networking solution, Networking Contact strikes the right balance and removes the hassle of fulfilling networking goals through different accounts.  The platform helps users connect to find jobs, partners, products, services, discounts, social gatherings and more with ease.

What’s more is that unlike many networking sites that are targeted to a specific group, Networking Contact is designed for individuals, professionals, businesses and community groups. Users get a homepage where they can post pictures, videos, articles and more to attract new contacts. The networking capacity can be further optimized by creating business pages, notice boards to advertise jobs, cars and property. And like many social networking platforms, Networking Contact also facilitates chats and private messaging to contacts.

Networking Contacts is the brainchild of Irfan Khalil. When asked about the motivation to create the platform, he explained: ‘There are many networking platforms available; however, I wanted to help people network effectively and Networking Contact helps them to do that.”

Networking Contact could easily be described as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and eBay in one simple platform. It is ideal for anyone who wants to elevate their social networking profile and experience greater results while saving time.

Joining Networking Contact is free. For further information or to sign up, visit:

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