New memoir “Improbable Possibilities” by Linda Rawlings is released, a powerful book for creatives and entrepreneurs that inspires tenacity, exploration, and fearlessness

New memoir "Improbable Possibilities" by Linda Rawlings is released, a powerful book for creatives and entrepreneurs that inspires tenacity, exploration, and fearlessness

Observe possibilities.
Entangle possibilities.
Create possibilities.
Throw spaghetti against the wall of life and see what sticks.

“Improbable Possibilities: An Entrepreneur’s Quest” by Linda Rawlings has been released worldwide with paperback, hardcover, and eBook versions available. This 324-page memoir is an incredible story of professional and personal entrepreneurship, following author Linda Rawlings through high and low tech industries, life-affirming adventures, relationships, and creative pursuits, all derived from Linda’s mantra regarding risk:  observe, entangle, create possibilities, and then throw spaghetti–against the walls of your life–to see what sticks.

With a fire for life and a passion for igniting it in others, Rawlings delivers her stories with language that excites readers and inspires them to reach goals. Linda’s journey reveals the creation of an investment and dance career:  the Otis Spunkmeyer, Inc. cookie company and its Triple 888 Manufacturing sheet metal company and DC3 airline Sentimental Journeys; the New Shoes, Old Souls Dance Company; three marriages, two daughters, and so much more. These seemingly disconnected ventures are linked by Linda’s willingness to observe and entangle possibilities, no matter how improbable they might be, and to pitch ideas toward success. This “spaghetti throwing” is a consistent, hopeful message throughout the book. 

Linda’s self-described “personal bias for action” and willingness to take on new challenges have led her down paths of transforming the improbable into the possible. Her true stories provide successful examples of observing unseen opportunities in life, entangling and creating their possibilities, and making success stick.  She inspires readers to embrace chances, navigate setbacks, push beyond potential, harness joy, and live with purpose – all while maintaining a carefree and contagious curiosity. 

The philosophy of “Improbable Possibilities” applies to entrepreneurs, creatives, artists, and anyone looking to expand the possibilities of their lives, even those that seem improbable. Part entertaining memoir and part guidebook for fearless personal growth, Linda’s writing shows how her determination and commitment to exploration have created an uncommon, fulfilling life – and inspires readers to do the same. 

Improbable Possibilities (ISBN: 9781960142177) can be purchased through retailers worldwide, including Barnes & Noble and Amazon. The hardcover retail price is $26.99, the paperback retails for $18.99 and the eBook is available for $2.99. Review copies and interviews are available upon request. 

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